Dimitrov bombed

Residents of Novosibirsk for more than a week move on the Dimitrovsky bridge and the passage of Power from which I removed the top layer of asphalt. Now, as reported by NSAs in the city administration, the milling of the road surface and finished with 11 may start the first work on laying of new asphalt. Start work early not allow the rainy weather. How much time it will take on a complete restoration of the bridge, in the city hall do not know: formal deadline to 1 October. So the move by Dimitrov have yet with caution – in some places there are dangerous defects.

Димитровский разбомбило

If you go from the center to the left Bank, the problems begin right at the intersection of Dimitrov and Lenin street. Here are a few broken pits, scattered on the asphalt coarse aggregate. Further in the tunnel in the left lane you’ll see a small but deep pothole, which can damage the wheel.

After the tunnel, at check-in on the bridge itself, through the remains of the lower layers of the coating emerges the metal framework a little more, and she, freed, begins to pierce the tires of cars. Everywhere you can see raised above the General level of the wells, the road bypassed them, leaving the asphalt around neotrestavrirovannym: get such sharp edges on which the machine can cool jump. Plus metal cross-coupling bridge, which is also Bouncing.

A decent coating remained only in the area “Giant” – there were not even milled. There is a small track, but no major potholes.

When driving from the left Bank out wells with sharp edges of the remaining asphalt begin to pester in the area of TPP-2. Motorists try to maneuver between them, creating additional emergency situation. Then a metal cross on the overpass over the railway line – here machines jump.

The greatest destruction at the bridge – all three lanes dotted with gaps coating layers, pits.

At the entrance to the tunnel of the pit in the right lane the most dangerous, everywhere scattered coarse gravel, same thing in the tunnel. And finally, on the crossroad of Lenin same holes that is easy to fly at high speed.

The work that is the contractor “Novosibirskavtodor”, there are a total of 267,8 million rubles, but it is considering additional areas on the street Vatutina and near the Gum. “In the list of works – laying of two layers of asphalt, replace curbs, repair of curbs, laying sidewalks, landscaping, lawns, renewal of road signs”, – says the press center of Novosibirsk city hall. The warranty on all completed work will be 5 years. The authorities hope that the underlying layers of asphalt will be here still before a formal fall term.

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