Incitement to murder: why a College student decided to kill their abusers

Barabinsk is a small town, whose residents can boast except in the presence of the railway. Officially the city is home to twenty-nine thousand people. The residents themselves admit that here all each other know – if not personally, then through friends.

May 10, the city has shaken the news: in the branch of the College of transport technologies name Lunina student shot a classmate. According to eyewitnesses, the incident occurred on the second floor of the College.

“The boy came with a backpack, which hid the rifle in disassembled form. My father took while he was on watch was.

Wait until the guard leaves. Went to the toilet, collected the weapons. Came to schedule, not to be mistaken with the class. Gone. He’s in the same class studied. Aiming at random”, – told the journalist College student Sergey.

Fire was opened by Ivan Z.* – College students claim that he was quiet and calm, with no one arguing. “Came in with a gun, pounced on the boys, cried out, “You laughed at me, now I laugh, you bastards”,” – said one of the students of the College.

According to students, all were frightened and began to run out of class, three people jumped out of the window. One of them fell on the grass and escaped with minor bruises and shock. The other two got broken.

“I heard the shot one. Safety teacher came out, looked, and saw a guy with a gun. Then I heard a second shot, just a minute. And then we were taken,” recalls sophomore.

The investigative Committee has opened a criminal case under article “Attempted murder committed publicly dangerous method”.

The hall of the College

College name Lunin, or, as the locals call it, “sivuha”, is about a 20-minute walk from the train station. Shabby three-story pink building stands out from other similar old buildings. From the open window of the second floor heard a high feminine squeak, clearly dissatisfied with something. At the entrance to the College near the turnstile stands guard. A loud Bang of the entrance door – inside run up two guys, one of them a massive backpack. The guys obviously late and the guard silently opens the turnstile. But journalists, he refuses to pass, “not allowed”. Director no. When – is unknown. To contact him you can not, no phone. Himself the guard of the tragedy have not heard anything, “there was such a thing.”

It is impossible to go to the College hostel where, according to barabantsev, lived Ivan. The hostel is just opposite the College. Entrance – “only with the permission of the Director”.

The doors are thrown open College runs a dozen guys in dark blue uniform. Refuse to speak. Someone silently departs, ignoring the question, others dismiss the phrase “saw nothing”. “Five thousand, give all will tell you,” yells a tall, handsome man, his lips thus breaks the curve of a grin, but he tries to quickly pass. One of the students begins to talk, but his friend uttered: “You’re so “lohonutsya”, the teachers will fly”.

The hostel is directly opposite College

In the car near College, lounging on the seats, Smoking students. “We are so cool and goes for it all, johnny knits his face and looks away, starting to wash the ashes with ironed pants, one of the students. Phones taking, check for the presence of photos and videos. Forced to remove. Someone leaked the pictures to the network?”.

“But in General he is a moron, now he suffer – continues the thought of comrade handsome and smiling guy, opening with the rear car door. – The one that got shot. It is not a pity”.

“In which was a pity, nodding the teenager holding the wheel of the car. – Probably”. The company produces several crude jokes at the topic and laughs.

Several students agree to talk, but studiously regurgitate what is already known, and fended off awkward questions. Called Ivan a “quiet guy”, adding each time that no one ran.

Most College students refusing to talk to journalist

Loud case in Barabinsk discuss all. “You know, conversations go… That’s this situation. What did they bring a child to such an act? As a mom, I worried. You need to understand the reason why he did it. As a mom, I understand that the fire is like the most extreme version. I sent the child to learn – and I will get him in the coffin. It is also scary. The educational institution must pay attention to the relationship between children”, – told the correspondent NGS local resident Hope. That in some sense the situation overlooked by teachers, on Monday said acting Governor Andrei Travnikov.

A few people admitted that they are terrified and cringe that in Barabinsk now everything remains the same nothing has changed, the theme of shooting will soon be forgotten, “as if nothing had happened”. In addition, the majority of barabantsev interviewed the author, regret the shooter guy, considering that other College students were taking him for harassment.

“This boy is very much ridicule, – the schoolgirl of the eleventh class Anastasia. – That boy that was shot. After some time he could not resist, he brought his weapons in a disassembled state, the guard was not. Disassembled the toilet collected. Shot the boy, wounding him a second cartridge itself. People were scared, rushed to the window… the Boy can justify, because not everyone can withstand such a shock mentally. When a person is being bullied, he is powerless, can not do anything. Must have found the only way out. I like a man who knows how to talk, otherwise would have done. Although I do not know…”.

According to local residents, to humiliate Ivan classmates started since September. The guy took the money, spit in a bowl in the dining room, bill. Teachers, according to brainzy, saw it all.

“Nothing will change, sadly smiling at the saleswoman in the kiosk near the College Larisa Smirnova. Just our teachers… They close their eyes when hammering boys. The boy was humiliated. Do you think the teacher is not seen that he was humiliated, insulted? Just everything was silent. I don’t know why they are silent. Teachers wait until their students start shooting, then silence will stop.”

Brainzy emphasize that Ivan – from Kuibyshev, local could take it for the rustic and peaceful rural boys in “sivuha” hit “from time immemorial”. The same, according to Smirnova, it is going in the local medical College – “rich girl” bully rural students.

Train station

Local residents are unhappy, how to talk about tragedy in the media, you know they hurt that Ivan presented the supporter of the ideas of fascism. The waiter in the local cafes, which, according to her, knew the guy who died, I’m sure: no slogans before shooting from not screaming.

“I know him personally. And I have in the class my brother is studying. I was told – says the girl and seems to be Daria. – He Ivan the offender touched, it was not random as everyone says. He touched her abuser. He is known in itself, badass. This is not the first case when a kid is hurt, the money he extorted. At one time he Ivan had enough. He waited until the father from the watch coming, grabbed the weapon and fired. The slogan was not. He did it because he was bullied and he could not continue”.

Daria explained that the guy was wounded in the shoulder Ivan, she knows as a “bully”, and says that the shooter was a student – not the first guy who “bullied” victim. “The fact that they called him a fascist, is a rudimentary attempt to conceal the fact of the negligence of teachers negligence of employees, – the girl considers. – Not once complained. The Commission on Affairs of minors there in College was because of the situation with extortion money… Teachers were aware of that his grass. They pinched the kid, take his money. It’s all in the course was”.

The wounded 18-year-old student Dmitry Boltenkov told the NGS before the operation in the Novosibirsk regional hospitalthat the shooter he didn’t swear and they “pinned together”.

“I just heard the door opened and said something behind him, turn around shot, that’s all. Then all ran behind the computer Desk, it turns out, in the corner… I had just said, “What have I done to you?”, – he said nothing and just left,” – said Dmitry.

The student said he did not understand that it was said to a classmate before you start shooting. On the death of the arrow Boldenkov learned later. He was in the clean room, where he after the injured were treated hand.

The bridge near the station

Residents unflattering comments about the school and about the teachers who “turned a blind eye”.

“Rumors that the College boys are weaker than themselves, – says the saleswoman Souvenirs Xenia. – Take money, phones… Just brought the baby! This child is simple. There in the College has always been so”. However, about the Ivan the locals know very little, describe him as a quiet, calm boy and the “average” student.

“It really brought, it would be because the other did not do, – said a cousin of Ivan Silaeva. – He is not a fascist.

On the contrary, he always said that the best Russian nation. Maybe only history interested in a little more than others. For it and got caught”.

The investigative Committee has already announced the review in relation to parents (“Negligent storage of the weapon”) and teachers (“the Negligence” and “Inadequate provision of services”).

College Ivan lived with his parents in the city of Kuibyshev, which is seventeen kilometers away from Barabinsk. It seems that this city is the younger brother of Barabinsk, only deprived the railroad, and therefore, according to the student’s College of Barabinsk angelina, “Baraba think Kuibyshev village.” In the city – such as shops and a gray faceless house.

It seems that people here are the same as in the “big” city. But it is interesting that in Kuibyshev about the tragedy that more wave away, as from the discussion of something is uninteresting. “What can I say, this last trend, “Vkontakte” have more to discuss,” – he dismisses journalist smiling girl in a white jacket and short skirt.

Ivan’s parents live on the outskirts of Kuibyshev, in microdistrict “southern”. The bus to the “South” goes only once per hour, while a large part of the transport goes through the city every fifteen minutes. The boy’s parents open the door without question – a lot of people, they came to Express condolences to the family. The boy’s father quietly listens to the correspondent NGS and shakes his head: he believes that in College any bullying was not. “You’ve got to understand, but not now,” short says the man and adds that perhaps he can explain everything then there won’t be so hard.

The Executive Director of the clinic “INSIGHT” psychiatrist Igor Skvortsov believes that adolescents because of the instability of their psyche to push to aggression easily. “In adults there is always an alternative. We can say that is not destiny, Yes, hang it all. We’re not so impulsive, we are able to imagine the consequences of their actions. Teenagers often do not know how. And now, when they are bad when they are ugly, they should react immediately. What actually happened,” – emphasizes the expert.

Sociologist Iryna Kharchenko believes that such cases occur due to the separation between students and students and lack of education.

“Someone more wealthy, someone less, explains Melanie. Teachers are feeling and children is celebrated. Someone has money, someone is not. But the bullies always had a lot of, simply education is now an optional element, it does not ask. Most importantly to meet the performance standards. So they all passed, test passed, reporting. There is educational work especially and not.”

While Skvortsov emphasized that the number of such cases has not increased – just about incidents began to speak. “Right now the media began to bring these situations to the consumer, to the layman, – the expert believes. – If earlier it was a closed information office, the perpetrators were either in prison or in a psychiatric hospital, now it is being discussed, is being discussed in social networks”.

According to Skvortsova, the people, and justifying the aggressor, was in a similar situation yourself and therefore put yourself in the shoes of the attacker. “We associative linking themselves either with the victim or with the aggressor. If a person binds himself with the aggressor, the man gets on him and he becomes a human injured party”, – concluded the expert.

*Name changed to comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation

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