House of flying saucers

Дом летающих тарелок

Circus tent Demidov arrives in Novosibirsk regularly and is known for not only their ideas, but also regular scandals. This formed wandering the cities the circus, as explained here, in 2009, the family entrepreneur Demidov.

Twice the administration of the circus tent were prescribing the penalties for the use of laser beams in the night sky of Novosibirsk. As explained by the Prosecutor, it could blind pilots flying over the city of aircraft.

In 2014, tent has prescribed for the penalty of 800 thousand rubles, in 2016, 350 thousand. The first penalty of the circus failed to challenge. “This is the other bit was a circus. Troupe and another other legal entity. <…> And the name “the circus Demidov”… a Name you can buy. No, it’s not a Scam, just was different troupes,” explained the administrator of the circus Evgeny Savenkov.

According to the administrator Savenkova, now in the night sky from the grounds of the circus Shine from the projectors, the resolution of which has long received. The lights in many cities part of the population takes for UFOs. “Yes, and it is also such a kind of advertisement,” said the administrator of the circus.

Circus tent Demidov is approximately 3,500 sqm, near the shopping center “Sibirskiy Mall”. From uninvited night guests it is guarded by three large and, as it is written on the signs, attack dogs.

The troupe tent Demidov consists of approximately 50 people. In addition to the Russians, among the artists are citizens of Ukraine, Peru, Argentina, Portugal, Colombia, South Africa and Syria.

Syrian Cible in circus arts for 20 years. Traveled all over the world with different foreign companies. He started as a magician. In the circus Demidov has been working for 7 years knife thrower.

“Didn’t think so long it will work in Russia. A magician worked for a long time. Here, in Russia, are more extreme. So I started with knives to work”, – in broken Russian Chebli explains and adds that still can not get used to the Russian climate.

Throwing knives are very heavy and surprisingly stupid. Chibli said that they do not have to be sharp: stuck in a tree because of the powerful throw and under the weight of its weight.

The audience clarify in the circus, is more like working without a net of rope and motorisation that five of them ride inside a huge grid world. On the photo: green room of motorisation.

Extreme circus show lasts 2.5 hours with intermission. In the first part of the presentation is based on the tight-rope walkers and tigers with lions, second on the throwing knives, motocaster and walkers.

“24 years ago came to the same trainer as the driver. And gradually I liked it. After five years, was designed by trainer. Son when I went to the circus, was 1.5 years old. It’s time he was 18 years old, and I started to pull up. <…> Maybe family dynasty outgrow all that,” a smiling trainer Lubomir Gavryliv.

His wife Olga went to the circus after her husband. Tamer did not, but performs the no less important work. “I’ve been training. I’m just a wife and mother. It is the work that no one sees: to clean, to wash,” laughs Olga.

“Life is terrible husband and son. Honestly to say, only a fool would not be afraid. Going to see a show and every time I keep my fingers crossed and fists wet with excitement,” admitted to the correspondent the wife of Lubomyr.

Son Oli and Lubomir Rostislav 24 years. Following in the footsteps of his father – became a trainer. On stage stands from may 15, 2015. While in the circus, lives with his parents almost two years. To tent family Gavryliv worked in the circus in Saint-Petersburg and in the circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

In 2001, Lubomir Gavryliv, when performed in the Yaroslavl circus, saved during the performance of the trainer. The man snapped the lions and slightly scratched it. The trainer in fear ran out from the cage and left to feel the blood of the predators alone. Helped him Lubomir ran in and calmed the animals.

All this happened in front of spectators that after the incident, a standing ovation to the Challenger. One of the guests recorded the whole incident on camera and refused to sell video scared the trainer. About the incident became known to the Russian state circus company. Later he Edgard Zapashny personally thanked Patriarch Lubomyr for this act.

In the tent didn’t really want to correspondents NGS photographed animals in traveling cages. Say: cells are small, and animal rights activists will speak about the abuse of animals. Although it seemed that they themselves are beasts like your trainer some superhuman love.

Surprisingly ferocious adult predators allowed the young trainer Rostislav to do with myself on stage a lot. In return, the animals received treat – meat.

In the part of the circus with the animals in the tent Demidov are lions, tigers and white Bengal tigers. A total of 12 adults and young predators.

After Novosibirsk circus Demidov will go to the European part of the country. Where, exactly, Eugene Savenkov did not elaborate, noting that the competition at the big top in Russia is very high: the large travelling circuses like this around the country about a dozen, and small (400-500 seats) – four times more.

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