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Search villas Novosibirsk start with the cheapest options – to such conclusion came the experts of the portal N1.RU by analyzing the most frequent user requests. Most viewed ads you have on, it would seem, not the most popular destinations: the Komarovka, Heater and Kochenevo, only about 50 ad.

For example, in one of gardening societies Sochi, where the sale of just 9 villas and plots to buy 11 acres just 10 thousand rubles – no asphalt on the road, gas and store, but with the construction of the electricity lines within society and provided a children’s Playground.

В самой дорогой даче Коченёво всего 36 квадратов, но всё равно нашлось место для гамака The most expensive in the country Kochenevo a total of 36 squares, but still there was a place for a hammock

The most expensive cottage in the village for sale for 740 thousand rubles: a house of timber with a 36 square metres and comes with a stove and a hammock in the loft bedroom, bath and a gazebo on a plot of 6 acres, 2 km from the village. The average price for villas here, nearly half a million rubles.

Prices for villas in komarivka start from 150 thousand rubles – for this amount you can buy 7 acres of land with half a century of building area of 18 square meters, which accommodates the bathroom and kitchen with oven. Water on the land – only watering, for drinking will have to go about 10 minute walk to the nearest column. The same need to get to the nearest train station, but still 5 minutes from the station there is a lake, said in the announcement. If you believe the pictures, not very well maintained but it has Mature trees.

Komarivka is one of the cheapest areas of the garden with the old societies, but with beautiful lakes nearby and steep as mountains, landscapes

Cottage for 249 thousand in the same Komarovka, in SNT “Zolotaya Niva”, “beautiful places” – near two lakes and the valley of the river Izdrevaya. However, the square is just 20 squares, and water in society appears only 4 times a week.

In SNT “Berezka” for 280 thousand to buy the house on the hill, overgrown with ivy, colored (or not – correspondent NGS are not strong in the garden plants) and for some reason with the head of a mannequin in the window. Behind the fence of the promise box with strawberries and mushrooms, and the bonus of satellite TV. “Need something to forge, comb, brush, and You have the best plot in the area”, – says the seller.

“Birch” for the owner for overgrown plants house frame gazebo and a cozy summer kitchen

The most expensive offer in komarivka cottage in SNT “Biryusinka” for 750 thousand rubles. Here on 10 acres has a house with a loft of 50 sq m, bath and garage, separate built porch with barbecue and dining areas, berry bushes and trees, steeply down on the land escape garden beds and a greenhouse which the owners are willing to leave to new owners.

In addition to the house with glazed veranda on the site is a completely modern bath and garage

The top 3 most viewed areas of the heater was the most expensive: the cost of villas here starts with 270 thousand rubles, and available supply is only land, no buildings. The cheapest the cottage in the usual sense here costs 400 thousand rubles – it is pretty overgrown plot of 7 acres with a small 2-story house, bath and pool in society “Kalinka”. But if the outside of the house grass to the waist, in perfect comfort – one of only a paper Swan on the dining room table is worth.

On the site of the garden in Kamenka desolation reigns, but in the house a perfect cosiness, and the door of the bathhouse, decorated with murals, upholstered in leatherette – just like in my childhood

The most expensive proposal rolled over a million, however, of the 9 options in Kamenka, only two. 1.4 million rubles, for example, praised the country in SNT “Kalinka” with the house in 45 squares: cold and hot water and light. “Society winter live all year round, the road clean, lead dioxide, it is possible to register,” added the seller.

Cottage in SNT “Kalinka” is probably closer the other got to reference the cottage: the garden house, lawn, flowers, pool – even the dog is resting

In the same society “Kalinka” for 2 million roubles (“token money”, said the seller) are selling a large 2-storey house from a bar on a plot of 4.5 acres. Here everything is serious: the door solid, the Windows are plastic, and infrared heaters in addition to furnaces.

Popularity hits these areas, experts explain what to look giving the city’s residents begin to “from bottom”.

– Buyers are browsing the place which has the cheapest items in the sale, but not the fact that will buy them, – noted the head a press-services of the portal Anastasia Grineva. Any buyer is important to buy profitable, and for this he needs to understand what the villas at the lowest prices on the market.

The house, which you can come all year round, is the most common wish of Novosibirsk, but for her and need to pay accordingly: such, for example, is worth 2 million rubles

In “Zhilfond” active viewing options in Kochenevo surprised about this place customers are asked very rarely, says the head of Department of country real estate of Agency Alexander Zverev.

In this area, no forests, no rivers, nature scarce, mostly steppe, sometimes a swamp, the track is overloaded, he explains.

Same with the Komarovka: in addition to road congestion, here are the old abandoned society, the light is switched off since the autumn, and in winter almost not drive – if you buy here a summer residence, for gardening, and not rest, said Zverev.

Modern villas buyer wants to pay for ready, and not to think about how to ensure comfort, experts say

– The buyer is aware how difficult it will be to get from the city to the place, what kind of problems can arise – says the expert. – If there are a lot of abandoned cottages – a picture is often observed in the Western direction, in the direction of Sochi, to deal with weeds to be very difficult. If the company regularly have problems with water for irrigation, then, you see, even for a gardening plot is of little use.

However, management objected to Lenin’s real estate office, “Quadratica” Maria Drugova, this is true only for those who are looking for a house for permanent residence, and not the cottage for the summer, and they are all out of season.

The Komarovka the Stove and Kochenevo can truly be called popular, she says: many people know these places, there are many country societies and good transport accessibility by public transport, particularly by train, is particularly important for the segment of cottages costing up to a million.

The basic requirements for the cottage and the summer house, sauna and the lack of junk

– People choose accessibility, location, availability of buildings, no trash – everything else is secondary, says Another. – To the North of the cottage settlements are more than houses, they assume a permanent winter residence in connection with this and the price tag there is another. If we consider the segment to one million, understand that it will only be a summer residence. If we are talking about the Central district and residential developments, even if now the country will be used for the summer season, then most likely, people will think about the prospect that in the winter it was possible to go there.

However, the expert “Kvadratiki” agrees that the North direction is the so-called country elite, is desirable, although not available today for many of the city’s residents. In addition to his “Housing stock” is called, for example, the area of fishing, Berry and Kolyvan. The demand for such a country house all the year round, whereas now small summer houses.

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