The boiling water will go under the feet

Monday, may 21, in Novosibirsk ends the heating season, as weather forecasters announced the long-awaited increase in temperature. This is the official date of termination of heat supply, though

the city authorities do not exclude the possibility that the batteries will not disable if the forecast comes true.

“Of course, we live in Siberia, and let’s not forget that the meteorologist is not that wrong. He has his own program, which they predict climatic conditions. If we see that the outside temperature will not change and will not occur increase, as we believe, we with the Ministry of energy will go to the continuation of the heating season, reported on 17 may, the Deputy chief of Department of power and housing and communal services Dmitry Peryazev. – That is, we want to reassure the residents of Novosibirsk that all is completely under control.”

According to Peryazeva, in recent days, the citizens began to complain about the heat in the apartments. “Today, there are a number of complaints from residents of the city of Novosibirsk in connection with pericopae. That is where people can’t regulate a comfortable temperature in their premises. When we begin to open Windows, roughly speaking,” explained the Peryazev.

After a warm end of may (and early August) will begin to turn off the hot water. Particularly savvy citizens who have in the tub machine with open discharge, have long known how to score a hot bath with a single button. The rest will have to be basins and scoop. Need they promise a maximum of two terms. First – for the period from 23 to 29 may, when the hot water turned off a couple of days. And in summer the basins will be in battle formation week.

Map of outages of hot water in may

This year the tests will not only products (which happen every year), but also on design (maximum) temperature of coolant (they are carried out according to instructions every five years). As said the Director of the branch “heating networks” JSC “SIBEKO” Michael Filatov in may during testing, the water will heat up to 130 degrees. “The tests on the maximum temperature it is allowed for the temperature in order to make sure that in the next heating period for the pipeline and equipment of heating networks will work fine in your mode. To identify all defects, nuances and eliminate them before the start of the heating period”, – explained the expert.

During this period, from 23 to 28 may – the water will be off only for a couple of days, and then not everywhere.

“Consumers will be turned off by hot water. These are the consumers who have hot water heat exchangers are in their homes, accordingly we cannot guarantee that this high temperatures will not fall into their hot water system, so for security we disable. That is, the period off the hot water will be no more than 2 days for these subscribers, but for the majority, 70%, hot water will be”, – said the head of the Supervisory control of thermal networks Roman Kornienko. He recalled that there is a sequence of trips – work will begin in the zone of heat supply CHPP-5.

Already from may 29 to begin the next test – hydraulic. They will last until the first decade of August. Last year, according to Kornienko, during the summer of experts found 1100 defects. The water promised to not turn off more than a week.

While experts warned that citizens need to be careful. “The purpose of testing is to reveal defects in pipelines, compensators, supports and to verify the compensating ability of heat networks, for which the flow temperature will be raised to 130 degrees.

During the tests, possible washouts, and the release of surface water with temperatures above 100 degrees,” they said.

These tablets are in the areas of testing

Hot water promised to give all, without exception, during two summer holidays – the Day of Russia on June 12 and the 125th anniversary of Novosibirsk. To these dates, work will temporarily cease. “We have agreed with our energy, at that time, hot water all the inhabitants of the city of Novosibirsk will be present, – assured the Deputy chief of Department of power and housing and communal services. Because 125 years of the city of Novosibirsk is our city festival, expected to see a very large number of guests. In order not to create any discomfort associated with the testing, and with possible gusts, restrictions on movement, including with the quality of the hot water, it was decided that the hydraulic test is interrupted”.

What kind of zones will turn off the water after 29 may, in the Siberian generating company has not yet announced, but the graphics test are ready. “The locations we will be posting helpful posters here that will undergo dangerous hydraulic testing, please do not stay in dangerous zone. In addition – where there will be Parking cars under the wipers we will also place warning posters. That drivers for a test period to move your transport to a safe place”, – explained Mikhail Filatov.

In the next week, schools will hold events according to the rules of conduct during testing

According to him, all work is tracked in the control room, headed by the shift supervisor. The tests are carried out strictly according to the program. “Notified all emergency on-call teams. The chief gives a command to increase pressure, keeps track of any settings that he had displayed on the panel. If he sees the pressure change parameter indicating that there is a defect, it immediately gives the command to disable the pumping equipment (this happens within 1-2 minutes). And accordingly gives the emergency team emergency team to disable the defective area. It takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour,” explained the algorithm of actions specialist.

Alternative to such tests is not. This requirement rules and obligatory on the entire territory of the country, think in the Siberian generating company. The pressure for this type of test is chosen minimal, as it checks the temperature of the solution network. “The activities on operation of heat networks is of a hazardous nature, in connection with which liability for damage during operation (including in the event of any breakthroughs in heat networks as part of the annual testing) of the insured,” – explained in the company SGK. Compensation in the case of what is paid by the insurance company in the amount of proven damages.

Spouting fountains during the test – almost the annual emergency. For example, last year during rush hour occurred communal accident in the October district of the bridge passing over the bridge of the machine filled with water.

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