The Koreans did their “Tesla”

KIA Motors show new electrocreaser Niro EV that runs completely on electricity. The prototype car was the concept of EV, Niro Concept, however, the shape of the body, especially in the back, you can see the popular Sportage.

“Crossover has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 64 kW*h. the Car can travel 450 miles on a single charge. Will also be offered the option of battery capacity is 39.2 kW*h, which can travel 300 kilometers on a single charge,” said the company KIA Motors.

Sales of KIA Niro EV in Korea will start during the second half of 2018, then the car will go to the markets of other countries. In Novosibirsk, recall, KIA sold two dealer – the company “Sarmat” and “mega Park”.

Корейцы сделали свою «Теслу»

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