“We don’t walk clients, we are engaged friends”

Andrew Matrizayev, Director of the extreme centre Coober:

Director of Coober sure that their center of love for child’s delight that you experience on a trampoline

“Kuber is primarily a sports atmosphere and community. People come into the room, no matter what direction the trampoline, crossfit, gym, they train and communicate, support each other and not doing a selfie and flaunt in front of the mirror. Love a child’s delight that you experience on a trampoline. Emotions, comparable jumping around in armored beds. The release of endorphins in the body after crossfit complex. For an interesting sport in General. Dissatisfaction expressed mainly on administrative issues.”

Rustam Ganiev, Director of the network of fitness clubs HAMMER FIT:

“Of course, what we love and for that abuse, we need to ask the city’s residents. We can only assume. As it seems, people always feel when it’s done with love and not for profit. So we always try to maintain cordial atmosphere in our clubs. To us clients go, we have friends. But, besides comfort, we also focus on quality. We have spacious locker rooms, good equipment and most importantly – affordable prices.

In HAMMER FIT try to adjust to the schedule of group classes that suit the majority

Of course, not always possible to respond to all requests. For example, the eternal story of group exercises: after each change in the schedule will be those who are uncomfortable new. Couldn’t please everyone, each with its own schedule, but we try to smooth out the corners and find a middle ground. For example, in January we conducted a survey about group classes to learn the opinion of each, and, drawing on these data, was a new schedule. We always listen to comments and try to correct them. Perhaps that is why many clients are engaged in a HAMMER FIT for years.”

Eugenia Maximova, ocritical of bodyflex and yoga centre “Second breath”:

“Now a lot of new fitness projects about the relief of the body, fitness bikini. The project “Second breath” is not on the “new format”, it is all about the other. Gyms rely on terrain to work with “iron” sports nutrition and ideal figure – and all with a promise that scary to go in the hall of shame to be “Nedela”. Our project for ordinary women, which most. We are not talking about those who live “Instagram”, laying their bodies. We’re talking about those of another age who wants to have a toned body, but not chasing pattern, or who just have any health restrictions that have enough excess weight and you need to be really strong spirit to go to the gym. For whom it is important to quickly and effectively restore the figure after childbirth, but not Obuasi in the gym and with fitness a little time and getting a really great result.

The project “Second breath” for women of any age and any weight

Speaking against a tough diet and strength training, we focus on health. Unlike many other exercises, the body Flex is very easy, safe way to lose weight. It is ideal for women of any age and any weight. We opened a “Second wind” in 2015, having decided to consolidate common efforts and to create in Novosibirsk, a large network that helps women straineth with health benefits. And we succeeded: now the city has five branches and 26 groups.

“Second breath” is a place where we have created a pleasant environment for our women.

For the club no matter the age and complexion, price of good shape, what matters is how you feel here and now and what mood you will return to training – and that’s what we love. For sincerity, warmth and effective workout. Already more than 10 thousand women were trained slimming system the body Flex in the center, and each is the result! Lost inches and pounds, a feeling of lightness and tone throughout the body, confidence and wellbeing. As for cons, you can see reviews about us on “Plane”. Rating 4,8 speaks for itself. The negative reviews we were here for minor things, such as a cat that we took in one of the branches for a few days.”

Tatiana Karpenko, head of marketing and advertising a chain of fitness clubs Extreme Fitness:

Extreme Fitness love for what it can do at any time of the day or night

“Our athletes say they loved the network that can be enjoyed at any time of the day and night, that you can choose a gym close to home or work. Customers like the variety of group areas, the choice of equipment for classes.”

Anna Syrovatkina, upravlaushiy clubs “Jupiter”, “Continent” network of fitness clubs ALEX FITNESS:

“It is as though banal sounded, but we’re thrilled to Novosibirsk chose us in the “people’s prize”. And for what? Many will hurry to answer: we have skilled professionals and high quality services. That’s all fine, but in the era of high competitiveness it is not enough. Yes, we have a great workforce, highly skilled specialists, we provide a range of services (a variety of exercises, Turkish steam rooms and so on). But I believe the most important fact that in addition to this we give the client the atmosphere. We have a huge fitness family, the in crowd. People come not just to “pump itself” and cool to spend time to recharge with positive energy.

Network ALEX FITNESS are confident that they have created a fitness family with their atmosphere

We always keep up with modern trends – it attracts customers. We have life in full swing! Our clubs regularly hold sports events for clients, because of this, many can experience themselves, their abilities – we live in a world when the adrenaline rush just need. All accompanied by the best presenters and DJs of the city, corporate gifts and fitness treats. How cool is that? And if someone we hadn’t chosen, let will try, and it definitely have like it!”.

Fitness club Panatta Sport is often praised, says an expert on marketing and PR

Valeria Vanshtein, marketing specialist and PR fitness Panatta Sport club:

“We are praised more often than criticized”.

Olga Kolmakova, the management of the club “X-Fit Plaza”:

“Engineering club “X-Fit Plaza” we wanted to create a place where will want to come back every day. In addition to the most effective programs, individual approach and attentive attitude just, X-Fit is status, a certain position in life. Our new concept brings X-Fit beyond fitness clubs: we want to inspire people to change for the better and give them effective tools for this. The club will offer to its guests a spacious gym with high ceilings, three rooms for group programs, gym children’s fitness area, martial arts and Boxing ring, 25-metre pool – separate Spa and children’s. The club provided premium equipment from market leaders.

Team X-Fit wants to inspire people to change for the better

Now even more residents of Novosibirsk will be able to do fitness with a unique programme: a new fitness area for more than four thousand square meters – near the metro station “Oktyabrskaya”. Convenient location, big Parking for 418 seats, modern equipment and first-class professionals that offer their clients club “X-Fit Plaza” in Novosibirsk. Here United advanced fitness technologies and the best program, based on a patented system proven training methods X-Fit Smart Fitness.

All programs in the new club comply with the latest trends in the fitness industry. Cycle Studio with the possibility of visualization of traces and projection on the screen of achievements of endurance of each participant training, Studio X-Gravity hammocks for training with elements of stretching, Pilates, yoga, functional training and acrobatics, as well as Studio table tennis. In addition, there will be a Spa with hairdressing room and manicure room; the club provides the services of cosmetologists and specialists in various types of massage. Traditionally, we can pass the fitness test and try the menu of fitness cafe Fresh Fit”.

Konstantin Baev, the fitness Director of a network fitness-clubs “Europe”:

“Blamed for what we do not have any club on the left Bank. Love, because we have the best instructors in the city. All trainers in the fitness hall and gym are special education professionals.”

Natalia pishchulin, Director of the sports club “ACANTHUS”:

“Love, in our view, because we are in a residential area where there are no other clubs. We get feedback: people say that finally they have next to the house there was a fitness club. This is an important factor, because the most valuable people now is the time; they’re not spending it on the road. Comfortable and convenient. We love that the new club, accordingly with modern technologies. We wanted it to be compact, cozy and atmospheric, so people want to come back here. We have created some home furnishings: like would the stress go and start to play sports, and when we meet them cozy atmosphere, pleasant communication, professionalism of our coaches, they want to go. Still getting rave reviews about the coaching staff – charismatic, professional, know how to find an individual approach: groups are small, 12-15 people.

The Director of club “ACANTHUS” believes that they save for their clients is the most valuable thing – time

Probably always someone to criticize. Think of us for what little space we need to expand, to make the nursery. But it is likely not a curse but a suggestion. Blamed for the fact that there’s no simulator to which clients are accustomed. We offer, than it can be replaced. Calmly one can be replaced by another and achieve good results.”

Ksenia Posadskaya, acting Director of the fitness club GRAND ARENA:

“There is a category of our customers who love us for history. For the first nine years of existence of our club it is very intense: club events, competitions, custom workouts and more. If it’s about global.

GRAND ARENA is valued for a wide range of options inside of a club card and convenient grid scheduling group training

Another reason to really love our club coaching staff. Our teachers are our pride. Among our members there are fans of rare equipment – Trekking, Kinesis, Easy Line, which are the “chips” of the club. And of course, those who are accustomed to non-standard graphics in the sport: who in a fun workout at night or early morning. We are valued for a wide range of options inside of a club card and convenient grid scheduling group workouts, including more classes. The paradox is this: what some like, others criticize. Someone likes family rest in the pool on weekends, and someone I would like hours of “childfree,” someone wants to come in the water zone at any time when it is convenient, and the other is glad that there is a preliminary entry and do comfortably even during rush hour”.

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