“We love, because we are hardworking”

Oksana Tikhonova, General Director of “El Tour”:

“El Tour” makes customers exclusive offers – wintering in Asia, shopping bachelorette party in Milan, a yoga tour in India

“We love, because we are hardworking. Managers are deeply versed in the business. We are constantly magneisium people interesting ideas for leisure. Now, for example, we have such exclusives tours with escort to Japan, wintering in Asia, shopping bachelorette party in Milan, the yoga tour to India. We love people and do for them quality work. Blamed us for the fact that the managers we have very beautiful, and it distracts from travel choice. No wonder the competition “Miss Tourism” our El managers took first and second place.”

Julia Zakharov, General Director of “the Geography of N”:

“International travel network “Geography” – one of the largest networks of travel agencies in Russia. First and foremost, customers trust us because we are a reliable company. Of course, I love the professionalism and responsiveness of our managers. Our team consists of professionals who, starting from clarifying customer needs and to return them home, always in touch with them. There are times when it is urgent to help the tourist abroad – we have already almost night or early in the morning, but the managers are always ready to solve all the problems.

Managers “Geography” N ready to help tourists in any time of the day

Continuous training of specialists to obtain the most complete information on all resorts, hotels, airlines, visa formalities – all this allows us to provide quality services. We work with private individuals and large companies, but by customers buying expensive budget tours or VIP tours are exactly the same. We are all relatives”.

Yekaterina Nevskaya, Director of travel Agency “Discovery”:

“Many customers tell us that coming to the Discovery, they seemed to plunge into the atmosphere of travel, as if in the moment you are not in Novosibirsk, and somewhere in the Czech Republic, Thailand, Bali everywhere: countries are changing one by one. They say that we have very cozy: we always welcome guests, greet them with a smile and ready to entertain snacks. We love the honesty – we are always candid with the client in work: if any voucher in our opinion (I stress), is not suitable to the client, for example the hotel is not so great according to the criteria as described, we’ll tell him.

For care, attentiveness and friendliness: our goal is that the client from the first seconds of communication with us was in good spirits. Because of problems we all have, and I want to make this world a little kinder and better. And we know that can. Suggest to the client when it is more profitable to pay a co-pay for the tour, where the most favorable exchange currency – tracked dollar and the Euro. And still love, probably for the lemon tree that lives in our office and bears fruit every year. Although this can be attributed to the comfort.

Employees of Discovery follow the latest news that affect their scope of work

Our love for the travel experience – how business (information tours: inspection of hotels, meeting resorts, and so on) and your own experience of travel (package tours and individual trips). Because we keep up with the times: know the latest news, for example regarding the visa relations with the US, which is very important, actively communicate with customers in Instagram, there is a channel in the Telegram.

What we may not like customers? Perhaps because we work in the office 24 hours a day. For Parking – still the center of the city, Lenin square, crazy problems with Parking spaces. And probably, because we still have only one office in Novosibirsk, but soon it will be at least another one.”

Marina lelyukh, Executive Director of the network of tourist office “My world tour”:

“If you ask, what’s our hobby, we can easily reply: our hobby is to please the beloved tourists. Going on a trip for the first time or the tenth, it is always important to attention and care, because their own holiday is a special value to each person. So we provide an individual approach to every tourist, as their comfort is our job, and it is important to consider all the preferences and details of your desired stay. We also love the balance of price and quality. We know that travelers rest has long ceased to be a luxury.

“My world tour” finds individual approach to every tourist, so it was comfortable

The motto of our company: “Affordable recreation for everyone”, and we are happy to make the dreams of our tourists, making travel part of their everyday life. Love our tourists has allowed us to step outside of Novosibirsk, making today the company has offices in more than 40 cities throughout Russia. And criticized us often for a great number of various burning stages, of which it is often difficult to choose one: unfortunately, the holiday only lasts two or three weeks, and I want to relax all year round!”.

Svetlana Mukhamedova, Deputy Director of the company “1001 tour”:

The city’s residents love us for our high level of service and sincere love for our clients. But first and foremost, I think, for our expertise and professionalism. The Agency “1001 tour Novosibirsk” employs 25 managers. All together we have visited over 65 countries, saw with their own eyes the hundreds of hotels visited on cruises in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indian ocean. So we can talk and tell our visitors about the nuances of travel, about which do not write neither in the catalog nor on the Internet web page of the hotel description.

The Agency “1001 tour Novosibirsk” employs 25 managers

And scolding us, fortunately, rare. Most often because we don’t do huge discounts. Unfortunately, the tourist market is hard to call it civilized: many agencies are trying to survive not at the expense of quality client service, and due to dumping. We adhere to certain policies. Our client is the person who puts at the forefront the high quality of our services and he knows that at any moment can call his Manager and get detailed information and assistance on any matters related to the journey.”

Anastasia Sakhno, Director of “Pineapple Tour”:

“Pineapple Tour” tries to always be in touch with customers

“Our advantages: efficiency, communication with tourists 24/7, good faith and honesty. Cons: one office in the city, there are difficulties with Parking.”

Elena Lukyanova, Director of LLC “Travel Agency “Globus-tours””:

“First of all we thank everyone who voted for our company! Central to our work is tourist. And that’s the attitude to every tourist of us, perhaps, appreciate.

Over 20 years of experience, customer relationships have become much more than just a partnership: now that’s friendship. In addition to these relationships we provide our clients with financial security, and it’s important for most of them. We are the only regional company with insurance coverage of their activities 50 million roubles, and Fund of personal liability about 3 million rubles. You can argue long about the unique product, high quality of service, pricing, and other options of activities that we pay a lot of attention, but on the main we wrote above.

The friendly staff of “Globus-tour”

For that abuse: there are various situations related to the characteristics of the market, human factors and so on. From flight delays and ending with a missed call on work phone Manager. Makes no mistakes is the one who does not work. But in any situation we are on the side of our clients provided round the clock support by telephone hotline. In any disputes, we are also on the client side”.

Marina Bezryadin, General Director of PEGAS Touristik:

PEGAS Touristik boasts a convenient location

“Love us for the quality of service, range, the use of modern technologies in the work, experienced staff, attitude to the tourists attention and care. We offer seven days a week, 24 hours a day online order tours and tickets for scheduled flights worldwide as an accredited agent of IATA. Convenient location – always close to customers. And for great prices. What curse? If there are misunderstandings, we always try to resolve all issues with the client, to satisfy them”.

Polina Permyakova, PR-Manager of “Liberty travel”:

In “Freedom travel” want to know the opinion of the city’s residents for what they love the company for that abuse

“We were genuinely surprised that was included in the shortlist. We are grateful to all those who voted for a travel Agency “Liberty travel”. We ourselves would like to know what we love or abuse”.

“The Bank of burning stages”:

Refused from comments.

The team of “the Bank of burning stages” with a diploma from NGS

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