At the place “La Maison” has opened a luxury cooking with Italian cheese from Belarus

The School “La Maison. Kitchen” started to work today, may 4, in place of one of the halls of the restaurant “La Maison” in the heart of Novosibirsk. The restaurant closed earlier this year for reconstruction.

Большой зал ресторана превратился в магазин готовой еды The Banquet room turned into a shop of ready-made food

“La Maison. Kitchen” consists of two departments: cooking and confectionery showcases are presented on the left and right side of the hall with easy access between them. As explained by the correspondent NGS manages a restaurant complex Elena Alferova, the owners insisted that the “Kitchen” was not seats. To try something in place we can only stand by putting food and drinks on the high round tables in the center of the room.

In the culinary Department of a few dozen items – from fresh meat and fish (beef, lamb, tuna, black cod, etc.) to ready meals and sausages of own production. Part of sausages is done according to European recipes, part – slightly improved new additives of the Soviet.

In cooking, to buy sausage, which is made here – in our own sausage shop, which is located in the basement

So, now in the “Kitchen” you can buy cooked sausage Kryukovskiy is a doctoral sausage with pistachios. From semi-finished products can be noted already cooked portions of meat, poultry or fish in a vacuum pack, which only need to reheat or fry in a pan.

Cooked in a sous vide portions of meat or poultry simply warmed

In contrast, in the culinary departments of the system when the price is indicated per 100 grams of product are on the price tags of ready meals is worth the cost portions. These dishes seem designed for a consistent audience: salad with smoked duck breast will cost 630 rubles, stewed rabbit leg – in 590, a serving of bulgur with broccoli and Kizil – 100. Pounds Kryukovskiy costs 1500 rubles.

Cheese under the Italian names at the school came from brotherly Belarus

In cooking you can also buy cheeses with Italian names, such as Grana Padano, Manchego, Gorgonzola and others. On the question of where these cheeses arrived, the school humbly respond: “From Belarus. There is a very good dairy products.”

Pastry shop “La Maison” had worked in a small room on the corner of the building

The other half of the “Kitchen” is reserved for cakes and pastries that have been sold in the pastry shop “La Maison”. Prices for small desserts (e.g. eclairs) here starts at 75 cents apiece, a cake of medium size are at 800-900 rubles.

Dried pork leg in the “Kitchen” is 4700 rubles per kilogram

According to Elena Alferova, the Kitchen is still working in test mode. In the near future in the hall must have additional equipment, and the Windows products, which have not yet managed to bring the suppliers.

While indoor small hall of the former “La Maison” is scheduled to open in late may – it will work as a regular restaurant.

“La Maison. Kitchen” makes about the same people that could afford to dine in the restaurant “La Maison”

Cooking is a rapidly growing trend in the restaurant business, but previously they worked only retailers. So, its culinary departments of the famous store “Bahetle” and “Dobryanka”, which offer not only ready-made meals and semi-finished products, but also cheeses of its own production.

Last year the owners of the restaurants “Beranger” and “Yakitoria” was opened on Sovetskaya street culinary shop “From another test”, and this year the owners of the group “Septima” (which belongs to “La Maison”) has launched a new format affordable caterers “Beets”.

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