At the Kalinin square restaurant opened in honour of the policy, working President of 30 years

In the basement of a house on Red prospect, 188 in Zaeltsovsky district of Novosibirsk has opened a cafe Asian cuisine “Mubarak”. It used to be one of the institutions of the network “Saffron”.

Порция лагмана из основного меню в «Мубараке» стоит 250 рублей Portion of lagman from the main menu in the “Mubarak” costs 250 rubles

In Arabic, “Mubarak” means “blessed, fortunate” is the word often used in the middle East as a first name or last name. That name, for example, wore Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who ruled this country for 30 years – from 1981 to 2011.

The interior is virtually unchanged

As explained by the correspondent of NGS in the cafe, the club changed owners – they decided to change the name, while maintaining its General profile. The main innovation of steel grills, which is now a whole page of the menu. For example, the kebab here costs 280 rubles, filet Mignon steak – 400 rubles.

Central Asian cuisine in Novosibirsk consistently popular

Despite a Central Asian flavor, the cafe is quite extensive wine list. A separate section in it devoted to “national wines” – so called here products from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

Central Asian cuisine is one of the most rapidly developing areas in Novosibirsk’s restaurant business. In addition to cafes, which are open to immigrants from CIS countries such projects are now run and large companies. So, a group of “conquest”, which already has a chain of restaurants “Actinian”, this year is going to open in Novosibirsk at least two points with the same kitchen, but working in self-service.

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