On the Station shut down and began to demolish the market

In the street Station in the Leninsky district of Novosibirsk demolished the market a “Concrete” – the rest of the pavilions, too, will soon be removed.

In the property market correspondent NGS said that the stalls still continue to endure. Also, it noted that the decision to demolish belongs to the city hall, market “Concrete” in this place will be no more.

“The mayor Anatoly Elbow Park wants to do,” – said in the administration, noting that the market was not given.

Correspondent NGS sent to the press center of city hall’s request to find out what will be located on the market place.

Несколько павильонов ещё стоят на своих местах Several pavilions are still standing in their places But they, too, will soon be demolished First market Station looked like this NGS sent a request to the press center of city hall to find out what will happen in the market place

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