Novosibirsk plus size model left the show about losing weight

Ирина Черемных поборется за полмиллиона, которые разыграют среди выбывших участников Irina Cheremnykh will compete for half a million who will compete among retired participants

Novosibirsk plus size model Irina Cheremnykh left the show “a Balanced and happy people” TV channel STS – 12 weeks 23-year-old girl has lost 33 pounds. In the beginning of the show Irina weighed 148 pounds and the height is 174 cm, for three months, her weight dropped to 115 pounds.

“Before the project, I often gave not my age. I was told that for 35-40 years I look. I believe now that in the mirror I look about your age, and for me it is all happiness. Of course, ideally I would like to see a two-digit number (on the scale approx. ed.), to the final surprise. For the remaining time I can do at home to cope,” – said Irina after the vote. The negative vote of three members – one vote more than against her opponent Anton Avdeevskogo from Achinsk.

Before the end of the project just over a month: although Irina Cheremnykh out of the race for the main prize of three million rubles, she will compete for the award among retired participants – half a million rubles. Goodbye project presenter Anfisa Chekhov called the Siberian’s favorite among all participants.

Last weekend another Siberian went home with this popular show, where he tried to win Yegor creed – model Snezhana janchenko was eliminated from the show “the Bachelor” on TNT.

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