Novosibirsk invented a robot for cucumbers and arugula

Робот-теплица будет выдавать лотки с готовой рассадой Robotic greenhouse will give out trays of seedlings ready

A team of engineers Novosibirsk “League of robots” has developed a robotic greenhouse “Armdroid” who cares about the seedlings on their own.

Novosibirsk development “Armdroid” is a robotic greenhouse that produces trays with ready seedlings, has told NHS chief engineer of the “League of robots” Leonid Gavrilov. The first seedlings of the developers was the arugula.

“First of all the robot needed those who grow organic products,” – said the engineer.

According to him, in a greenhouse you need to fill up seeds and choose the interface that plant. The robot knows how often you need to water the seeds, the speed with which vegetables to grow and will be able to determine the readiness of seedlings.

“It can grow almost everything – from salads and ending with cucumbers, tomatoes. For seedlings need specific parameters of the microclimate – moisture, temperature. And the less there, in a chamber with seedlings, comes a man the better, so we came up with this automation,” explained the engineer.

The work of the greenhouse can be observed remotely

According to Leonid Gavrilov, a greenhouse can be put and the house (the size of 1.5×1.5 meters), and her work can be monitored remotely.

He added that the cost of the robot is still unknown, but according to preliminary estimates, it will cost about 300-400 thousand rubles. The engineer said that the team must finish the project by late summer.

Earlier Novosibirsk businessman Alexander Lyskovsky, known to the General public for the creation of the game “farm frenzy”, decided to engage in the production of these vegetables and berries. The project is still under development, but the authors ‘ plan, water beds can be from your smartphone.

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