Swept and drink: the city’s residents learned to brew beer with the city

dust Пыль собирали во дворах на улице Коммунистической the Dust collected in the houses on the street Communist

Brewery “Yoo-hoo.” and bar The Rooks invented beer “catcher in the dust” – so they want to beat the social problem of the dusty streets of Novosibirsk.

Today, may 7, representatives of the brewery and the bar gathered dust from the street Communist, to add it to a drink of own production. The creators of beer say that soon learn dust taste can not only Novosibirsk, but also inhabitants of St.-Petersburg and Omsk.

“At the end of April I came across a series of publications devoted to the problem of dust in Novosibirsk: city hall ordered the Institute of soil science and Agrochemistry research, which will allow you to figure out where in the city does the dust. The results will be in October because of the findings that are now, – from the “Captain obvious”. Our aim is to show aggression or anger is ironic. We are like the ancient alchemists who have turned other metals into gold, water into wine, we decided to help our city to get some dust and brew a beer. There is an agreement with the bar of St.-Petersburg and Omsk to find out the taste of dust in Novosibirsk”, – told the correspondent of the NHS the history of ideas co-founder of the bar The Rooks Igor Kamenev.

One of the variants of the name of the beer was “Palesinians”

Variants there were many names, one of them, for example, “Palesinians”, but in the end decided to replace one word in the title of Jerome Salinger’s “catcher in the rye” to trigger more associations among connoisseurs of the drink.

The authors of the ideas said that beer dust will be light fragrant variety is an American pale ale in the new English style. Beer present by the end of may. The volume of the first cooking will be 500 litres. Label for beverage develops a street artist Vasily Kaftyrev.

Brewers argue that carefully filtered the collected dust before adding it to the drink. “The joke in the fact that we are dust, but lupulinous is the product of the processing of hops, when it selects the aromatic substances. It is responsible for maximum hop aroma, and the trend to strengthen the taste of the scheduled time,” explained brewer brewery “Yoo-hoo.” Andrey Fedosenko.

In 2016 in Novosibirsk was making beer ice cream and marmalade of beer and cider.

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