In full regalia

While on the streets is not particularly observed accumulations of “tuned” machines which sell flags, magnets or stickers, May 9.

The ribbons sell at the box office in hypermarkets

Perhaps this niche quietly took the hypermarkets. Now there’s whole Islands with holiday paraphernalia. To see them is simple enough to know the color combination of the ribbons – one of the symbols of Victory Day in great Patriotic war, which decorate the window with automalically, magnets, steneram for “Immortal regiment”.

The entrance to the coffee shop on Lenina street

By the way, at the end of April in the city traditionally has given away thousands of ribbons.

The average price of pillar 150-200 rubles

Looking at the Windows, it seems that the stickers on cars that are all filled up, – an indispensable attribute of the holiday, which is a must to use a motorist. What kind – depends, apparently, from relationships to date.

Showcase in the “Auchan”

You can choose from black and date of the war, someone will stick the traditional “Thank you grandpa for the Victory” or militant “To Berlin!”. Some stickers seem to be generally moved to a booth by May 9 of paraphernalia on February 23. For example, the label “Dirty tank in a battle not seen”: may be funny, but is it worth it to glue on may 9 it is a moot point.

Airborne is a separate sticker

The next “room” of the program to February 23 – it’s a military toy. For example, tanks or armored cars, which are exactly under the signature “Victory Day”. Most likely, they just moved from another Department.

For the holiday Windows brought war toys

There are also children’s plastic helmets included with the machine. Nothing special about this it seems like there is a military theme, and so forth, but again with the work presented to children, who on May 9 will go in helmets with machine guns on city streets.

Children’s plastic helmets and weapons also have a showcase on May 9

A separate issue – caps, which I especially love dressing them. They cost an average of about 200 rubles, and the size of the majority of really small.

Caps can be found in any hypermarket

Different types: just garrison cap khaki, with embroidered star with hammer and sickle on the badge.

Costume tasting

Girls this hat, of course, goes, but complete with aprons is completely out of context.

Together with caps are and budenovka

Budenovka next to the caps pilots rise on black mannequins in the centre “Auchan”. The first thing that comes to mind when looking at sudden budenovka, the Lermontov quote “mixed in a bunch of horses, people” (although it was still early the budenovka). In the form of Soviet soldiers during the great Patriotic war already clearly was not. But it is possible that the headdress of the red army of the civil war could wear the guerrillas ‘ 40s.

Mikey for the Victory Day in the “Auchan”

In the “Auchan” there were t-shirts with symbols of the Victory Day. The design is quite considerate. In these clothes you can walk and not in the Victory Day, because the theme of “world Peace” is always relevant.

Mugs to the Victory Day in the store “OK”

Close with caps and ribbons there are glasses with the undeniable conclusions, such as “Our weapon in unity”.

Go back to the car. Tuning to the Victory Day – this seems to be an inexhaustible flight of fancy for entrepreneurs.

The covers are in the form of the ribbons in a “Ribbon”

In there are covers on the side Windows and the colors of St. George ribbon and Russian flag (probably for sporting events, e.g. football world Cup).

There are even paint, which you can make holiday coloring machine

There is even a special paint (spray again attracts red-black-orange stripes). It is written that the paint washed off: it is assumed that it is possible to paint any car for the holiday, and then rinse.

Along with festive paraphernalia, causing a mixed impression, meet quite appropriate simply cards and flags.

Shop window decoration to the Victory Day

But there is another nuance. And not even the nuance, but rather the degree of accuracy of a merchandiser. Sometimes I feel like saying: “Well, no need to hang the box May 9 over all sorts of sneakers”.

Window dressing on the market

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