Splurging on CTP

The Central Bank of Russia planned another major reform of the CTP, the consequences of which drivers will be able to feel it in the summer. As told Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vladimir chistyukhin, the system auto insurance will become more flexible and even allow some owners to pay for the policy is less than it was. For example, together with the increase in the upper limit of the basic tariff corridor (from 4118 to 4942 rubles) decreases the lower limit (instead of 3432 2746 rubles). Overall, however, the increase in the average cost of the policy is inevitable, acknowledged the Central Bank.

“We had a few basic estimates that there is an understanding that may change in connection with change of tariff corridor. Approx average generic driver will pay for the policy 7 thousand rubles, now the average driver pays 5.8 thousand rubles for the policy. For the cheapest insurance policy price will be 1.7 thousand rubles, while now it is 1.5 thousand,” – says Vladimir chistyukhin. Thus, the increase of the cost of the average insurance policy amount of 20.7%.

The NGS portal.AUTO asked Novosibirsk drivers with different machines as they now pay for insurance, and figured how much will be paid.

Honda CR-V

Alexander, 42 years of driving experience of 15 years. Honda CR-V 2000 release, power 150 HP. the cost of the policy – 6500 rubles. Under the new system, for Alexander the policy will cost 7846 rubles.

Ivan, 32 years old, driving experience is 11 years. Mazda 6 2008 release, 147 HP Current policy cost the car owner in 9530 rubles. After a rise in price of insurance will cost 11 503 of the ruble.

Konstantin, 32 years old, experience at least 3 years. Subaru Forester 2002 model year, power of 220 HP because of the small experience of the cost of insurance for this car soars to 17 100 roubles, and taking into account the new tariffs – to 20 640 rubles.

The greatest cost of insurance Central Bank threatens young drivers, first of all, they will apply maximum conversion rate. In the example of a reference driver from Chelyabinsk (where the multiplying factor is equal to 2.1) with little experience and with a car capacity of 150 HP For his cost of the policy rises to 31 000 roubles. But for some drivers with experience of accident-free driving promise to apply reduced rates, the discount will be reformed due to the factor “age is experience”.

This factor further blow to young drivers. For example, in the group with experience of up to 2 years for the age segment of 16 to 21 year multiplying factor will increase from 1.8 to 1.87. For a segment 22-24 year factor increases from 1.7 to 1.77. Age drivers over 30 years old will receive a reduction factor from 1.7 to 1.63. Recall that the data for the group of inexperienced drivers.

For experienced adult drivers is entered and a percentage discount. The policyholder can get a discount of 4%, if its age is more than 35 years, and the experience – more than 5 years. Or, for example, if the age of 40 years, and the experience – from 3 years.

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