“Rio” for the rich

«Рио» для богатых

It’s a hatchback version of the KIA CEE’d (courtesy of the official dealer of company “mega Park”), it is shorter (length 4310 mm) station wagon and looks less impressive.

Signature “tiger” grille, stretched headlamps in the shape of a sickle, simple halogen running lights in the bumper. In General the look balanced and modern.

Side view of “Led” shows us how he still pointed the engine compartment. The windshield is at such an angle that almost merges with the line of the hood. The car’s six-window – front and rear body pillars are embedded small glass to improve visibility. Drip line falls down at the front door, making the machine less aggressive.

The rear lights rasplyvsheysya shape, spoiler on the tailgate, “fin” radio antenna. Typical hatchback, partial resemblance to the Opel Astra.

Inside, the KIA CEE’d is quite spacious, although the front panel in the manner of “Focus” sticks out noticeably into the cabin. The panel is made of soft plastic, but the larger the grain pattern doesn’t look very so is usually formed of hard materials.

Door cards decorated with fabric, chromed handles, plastic strip under the aluminum. The top material soft and pleasant to the touch, both front doors and on the rear, unlike competitors that make the rear a solid “sheet”.

Leather steering wheel is a little overloaded with buttons, but is heated evenly around the rim. Bottom sections between the spokes, why it is finished in black hard plastic, which intrudes too much on the rim, is the cold pole for hands in the winter. A simple radio system is also framed by a large piece of nondescript black plastic here and there it would be better textured plastic with some interesting pattern. The sound is average, bass is lacking, but background music will do.

Fabric chairs are surprisingly dense and hard. Moderate lateral support is there, but the middle of the back sticks out too much, it feels as if the lumbar support extended to the maximum. However, adjustment of this backwater here, and nothing can be changed.

The wells of devices with chrome surround look rich, the scale large, clear speedometer so do a huge – easy to control the speed. In the middle of the speedometer is a simple display of the onboard computer.

The armrest is too low and moved back, so lie on it not to warp, will not work. There are two cupholders for your niche. The automatic transmission lever is the only detail of the interior decorated with gloss.

Rear enough, this “Led” wins “Focus”, but still inferior to “Octavia”. Automatic mode and have the rear power window – with them and with the soft plastic of the passengers here don’t feel deprived. Center armrest is in principle easy, although could be higher.

The boot is 380 litres, it’s simple, without any of the paper trays, eating place. In the cellar the spare tire and tools.

The engine in this KIA CEE’d – the naturally aspirated 1.6-liter with a capacity of 130 HP up To hundreds of car accelerates in 11.5 seconds, although it feels a little better dynamics.

The machine works in a predictable, regularly changing the transmission delay in reaction to pressing the gas. The car steadily gaining momentum, even with a small force on the pedal, no “wool” on it.

Noise isolation is average, good to hear the wheels are smaller the wind. The sound of the engine drowning in the sonic background, so much does not bother. But the vibration accompanied by the high speed motor to significantly penetrate into the cabin.

The irregularities KIA CEE’d retains the minimum required quality progress, regularly smooths the sharp edges of pits, at least partially, and transmits them to the salon.

The wheel seems peretyagina, the sharpness control is not added to reactions, as are the turnings quite tight, oiled. But a good browse through the additional Windows in the pillars.

Overall Sid – sound car for the standard of living in the city. But it costs under a million – 979 900 rubles at the minimum salary with a gun. However, competitors are even more expensive: “Skoda Octavia” with the machine – from 1 074 000 rubles, “Ford Focus” – from 1 042 000 rubles.

In the richest version of the “Led” will cost 1 284 900 rubles – 135 HP motor, automated manual, cruise control road markings and blind spots, navigation and even heated seats.

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