“The grayness of Novosibirsk kills”

Анастасия Каштанова переехала в Польшу, куда позвали работать её мужа  Anastasia Kashtanova moved to Poland where he was invited to work as her husband

Anastasia Kashtanova, 31, a freelancer, moved to Wroclaw (Poland): “Novosibirsk is my native city and I’ve lived here my entire life before moving. Wanted to leave long ago. The main reason is the climate. Too long and cold winter.

My husband is the it guy two years ago, he wrote the girl from one of the international company and offered to be interviewed. Jobs were offered in several cities of Poland. To be honest, we even tourists go there not planned. But if you call and offer good conditions, why not try it? In February 2017, we left with three suitcases and have not regretted.

For me, there are two key issues: climate and location. Wroclaw is one of the warmest cities in Poland.

This year winter lasted two weeks. The snow lay two days – just enough enough enough. Agree, after the Siberian winter is a resort.

In addition, from Wroclaw very convenient to travel, as in Poland (and it is very interesting!), and Europe in General. To Prague or Dresden, to drive 4 hours by car.

In addition, the city is almost the perfect public transport that runs on a schedule. Easy to get into a public kindergarten, with no benefits. Absolutely everywhere there is a clearing, even though in the market, even in government, even in the tram.

(M. M.: what Novosibirsk favorably?) Oddly enough, air! Winter in many Polish cities is smog. It isn’t very long, only until people are actively heated, but to breathe such air is really harmful and unpleasant.

And yet I have never seen such terrible queues in state institutions, as in Poland.

If in Novosibirsk for a long time almost all state issues can be solved through “public Services”, in Poland, the personal presence and often need to stand in a queue.

(M. M.: what do you think, could you go back to Novosibirsk?) I would not like. Of course, we didn’t burn bridges and we got somewhere to go. But this will happen only if you (hypothetically) in the EU will change dramatically and the Russian policy in Europe will be dangerous. Hopefully, this will not happen.”

Yuriy Boyko was a member in Iskitim and engaged in metallurgical production, and now rides professionally on a yacht in Spain

Yuriy Boyko, 43, captain of the yacht, moved to Torrevieja (Spain): “the First time I was in Spain was in 1998 – it was the first trip abroad my principle in life. Then, of course, been a lot of places, and always the first impression – it is the most vivid, most memorable, so I compared with Spain. In the end, I decided to move to Spain (in February 2017. – M. M.).

Was a bit of confusion that had more to do with socialization here – on the territory of another country, and the language barrier. I started to learn Spanish only here in Spain. There are good conditions created for foreigners who come to Spain is very cheap you can go and learn the language in school, it costs 90 euros per year.

First of all, I moved from that just tired of the grayness. The greyness of our Siberian so burdened that all the time I wanted to go to rest. Work-work, out on leave in a country where the sun shines, where there are no mosquitoes and midges.

Then come back – this covers dullness and depression the first few days after the return is always in Novosibirsk. Feel longing for the sea and think: “Well, I are not forced to live here!”.

If you suddenly develop so that it will be necessary to return to Russia, in Novosibirsk, definitely not. Weather conditions is the most important factor. The greyness of our city – it just kills.

Plus traffic jams, which are constantly I was nervous. When taken somewhere in Spain, rent a car and went on the roads, I realized how peaceful it is here, here anyone not willing to fight, and most do not want to violate the SDA.

But Novosibirsk has advantages, which I noticed only after moving. First, very cool Dolphin, who not so long ago built. Or super our zoo. Prices to go to the zoo and the Dolphinarium, very low. Such prices are not. But the food is cheap, fruits and vegetables are much cheaper.”

Alexander keel was impressed by the purity of the German streets

Alexander Kiel, 38, software developer, moved to bad Kreuznach (Germany): “Went in October 2017 to Germany at the invitation to work. Russia despite the low requests for salary, many recruiters on interviews spoke openly: “We fear that with your experience you will be bored”, “most Likely, you will not last long”, or the “overqualified” (swargaputhree. – M. M.).

Perhaps this is the main reason – disappointment <…> the inability to realize themselves, as they say. To be the smartest in the office is nice, but it does not bring growth. Partly influenced by economic and political situation in the country.

(M. M.: better in the new country?) If you do not pay attention to personal challenges of the move, the changes are positive. First, the climate: warm, specifically in the area of residence the snow was 3-4 times, “was” is falling and several hours lying. Winter lasts 2-3 months, by the standards of Novosibirsk it is not winter, and prolonged autumn is turning into spring.

The second point is cleanliness. Streets, sidewalks, stop, even unscheduled trodden paths carefully very fine gravel so that the water was gone and nothing squished under my feet.

The sidewalks are paved with stone tiles, water-free leaves and puddles even clean almost there, not to mention the dirt deriving from the lawn to the sidewalk.

Quality landscaping virtually eliminates open land, but it’s a big reference to the climate, grass and shrubs do not freeze, in March, everything is blooming. Third – the people, friendly faces, strangers smiling at the meeting, the most part welcomed as they passed by. The city also suggests that it is made for people, mineral springs – public property, free of charge, equipped with a tap and disposable cups. Promenades, parks, everything is neat and clean.

Novosibirsk compares favorably geographical location, if you want to relax in Thailand or the Maldives. But it is not very crucial, if you adapt to relax on the Italian coast, the heat there is worse.

Perhaps serious: the cost of municipal services in Novosibirsk is much more profitable than in Germany. Not enough “public Services” – here we have to run the chain of command, and given the ignorance of the language and specificity of the quests with the documents come out very funny.

Not enough of our “die, but do it”: working mode in Germany is very democratic (the notorious balance of family and work). Despite the work schedule of the organization, the right person may appear on the site 2 times a week.

As a fallback Novosibirsk, of course, remains – is relatives, many friends and colleagues. If necessary, return to this city with great joy. It’s a lot of pleasant memories: youth, students, triple dog on “Student” after the club, sleep on benches in Potocki waiting for the lecture”.

Elena Shkarubo moved to Kazakhstan with love

Elena Shkarubo, 33, a freelance artist, moved to Alma-ATA (Kazakhstan): “I’m not going to leave, even though the proposals were, and very different. I thought: why to go somewhere, and when there are Affairs to be achieved? I studied online media and did everything he could to Siberia was an interesting site. Accidentally painted themselves emotionally burned out and in the autumn of 2013 had gone to India without a return ticket.

It was planned that it will be a long holiday visa was for six months, plus I continued to pay for the rented apartment in the centre of Novosibirsk, which kept my things. But life decided otherwise. In India, I fell in love with a Korean man from Alma-ATA, and when he returned back, it became clear: home is where the heart is (at least in my reality). In the spring I went to inspection in Alma-ATA and in may 2014 moved.

I merzlyachka always wanted to live somewhere warmer. I just didn’t think it would be Kazakhstan. Alma-ATA is not the whole of Kazakhstan, but it is a very unique city on the planet, warm in all senses and welcoming.

Every winter on December 1, when the city’s residents post on social media photos with snow, I put on a coat and go for a walk. I like that there are a lot of sun and short winter.

Really like how the city is treated like it improving, how many flowers are planted in flowerbeds. In Almaty pleasant to walk in streets and parks because there are a lot of trees. Locals say that earlier there were more, but after the stone jungle of Novosibirsk and it seems fine. It’s hard to explain, but when the city is green, it is as if everything around become kinder.

Here is really clean, there is a new pedestrian street (it just took and made a long, decent, well-groomed). Here delicious food and stunning nature around. Kazakhs also excellent. I like that there are many Nations and ethnic groups, it enriches.

And Novosibirsk compares favorably with the medicine. Unfortunately, rooting in Kazakhstan is dangerous – doctors prescribe all sorts of rubbish.

(M. M.: what do you think, can I go back to Novosibirsk?) May return, may not return. I just live with no plans. Now I like to come to Novosibirsk to visit for a week or two, but the city does not hold me anymore”.

Nastassja Bohan, 29 years old, teacher of Russian as a foreign language in Shanghai (China): “I was born, grew up, received his first experience in 18 years on TV (GTRK Novosibirsk). In short, everything from the first call to first love: everything first happened in the native of the Siberian city – Novosibirsk. At 26 I moved to Moscow, it was a version of horizontal mobility from the region to the center in the framework of EF Education First. In Moscow, I lived and worked for more than two years, are very warm to the two Russian capitals. In June 2017, I moved to China from Moscow. In China, I teach Russian and English as a foreign language.

A year in China I lived in three cities has varied contracts, and I was going to another city. Now I live in Shanghai, the most populous metropolis in the world. To come to Shanghai from Moscow easier than to come straight from Novosibirsk to Shanghai.

What China is different from Russia? All. First of all, the speed of development of small business. The Chinese have the ability to work in a team and entrepreneurial spirit. In Siberia everything is very slow

despite the fact that the city’s small problems, it would seem that infrastructure should not be. But all very slowly and consistently. If people do not live now and then.

Climate: the unusual Siberian resident of humidity. However, after Moscow transferred easier. We have heat, behind the window today was 37.

Chinese food is also not for everybody. Many Koreans, and expats in General prefer to prepare their own meals or only eat in western restaurants (Western restaurants. – M. M.).

In China I first began to study cognitive issues in education. In Russia, it was impossible for many reasons, especially in law.

Better than Novosibirsk? Novosibirsk is the home, where parents and close friends. To speak Russian want always, so always when I return to Russia, it is the first thing happy. Also clean air. No crowds that demolished you flows on the subway. In General, Russian – neat people.

I miss the snow. Really crisp Siberian snow!

In Novosibirsk will return with pleasure and consider such a prospect, but the main problem of return is the impossibility of implementing home.”

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