Siberians rode 750 miles through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan

Киргизия на 90 % состоит из гор Kyrgyzstan is 90% mountains

Five Novosibirsk tourists from multikluba “Spectrum” came on the bike about 750 miles through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

The bike trip took 12 days – from 27 April to 8 may. The team included Vyacheslav Goryunov, Anton Voloshin, Alain Martynov, Nikolai Pies and Artem Leonov.

“The purpose of the journey was to meet the spring, the real spring, not as we do in Siberia. Bask under the southern sun. So we chose one of regarding southern countries, where spring was already in full swing. And it was Kyrgyzstan – the country, 90 % of which is mountainous. So was the serpentine of varying complexity – from gravel to asphalt good,” he told the NGS head of multikluba “Range” Vyacheslav Goryunov.

To prepare for the mountain bike trip, turned out to be quite a few times to go Cycling in Novosibirsk

He added that one of the determining factors in choosing the country became a convenient airline, which carries bikes free of charge.

“Our route ran from Osh, one of the largest cities of Kyrgyzstan – to Balykchy on lake Issyk-Kul. The route consisted of three big mountain passes with altitude of about 3000 meters. Weather as expected was very Sunny. Daytime temperatures ranged from +15 to +25 degrees, but night frosts occurred. We lived in tents. Only once had to spend the night in a roadside hostel when did you get all wet on the pass”, – said Goryunov.

Most of the hike the sun was shining

To go on a Cycling trip, enough to have a great desire, consider travelers. Of special equipment they called only the trunk and the backpack that is put on him, because to carry a load on the back for a long time hard. The weight of the backpacks each participant was approximately 15-20 pounds.

In addition, you need to be prepared for any weather conditions: stormy wind, rain, and frost has not yet melted snow on the passes.

The team on the pass Kaldma the altitude of 3062 meters

“In preparation in April, has made two test out. More failed, because we have spring comes late, in contrast to Kyrgyzstan. And skate on the ice is not very nice. A total of 150 kilometers failed to pass – and that was enough to prepare for the crossing more than 700 miles in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan”, – said Vyacheslav Goryunov.

And in March, tourists will multikluba “Facilities” were digging snow caves and slept in them, preparing the way to trekking.

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