With accordion and Fly: report – as the NHS has awarded the best companies of Novosibirsk

The ceremony of awarding the “people’s prize NGS” was Elena Volatile and Denis Grebenyuk.

“For us as organizers exciting moment to take such a height, as this wonderful theater and this big stage. Those who will deservedly receive their awards, and those who would be their hand, having visited this historic stage, will feel what the height of this project. Actually we say “people’s prize NGS” and mean primarily the fact that the project is truly national and inherently, and on the manner through which line up communications. NGS first of all, organizing this award, took the liberty on behalf of citizens today is to say a big thank you to the Novosibirsk business. In these awards we are bringing the judgment of citizens about the best,” he opened the ceremony of awarding the “people’s prize NGS” the President of the Corporation “Hearst Shkulev” Victor Shkulev.

Victor Shkulev noted the courage of NGS, on behalf of the citizens said thank you to the Novosibirsk business

For the announcement of the winner in the first category – “travel Agency of the year” – was invited to the scene of the people who turn Novosibirsk into a tourist brand of the artist and mastermind of the “Demonstrations” Artem Loskutov and head of the Department of culture, sports and youth policy of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk Anna Tereshkova. Leading offered them 30 seconds to draw a poster, symbol, or slogan that would in Novosibirsk attracted more tourists. After they announced the winner – it was PEGAS Touristik.

“I want to thank, of course, those who took the time to vote for our company who trusts us the most valuable – your holiday, vacation, your dream. And the organizers gave us the opportunity to residents to Express their opinion”, – said General Director of PEGAS Touristik Marina Besedina.

“Real estate Agency of the year” – “Zhilfond” – were awarded the honorary Builder of Russia, the General Director of group of companies “Discus” Alex dzhulay and well-known photographer and a fan of the Novosibirsk Slava Stepanov.

Alexander Chernokulsky with the award

The CEO of the company “Zhilfond” Alexander Chernokulsky thanked customers for what they voted, and employees – for the fact that every day help people to live better: “the Motto of our company: “the Main thing in life – family and home”. These two values, which we carry and hope that we will be only better and better work.”

The main “Supermarket of the year” – “Brighter” – has declared in Novosibirsk Romeo and Juliet Nikolai Maltsev and Ksenia Zakharova. The news about the bold proposal of marriage published NGS, followed by hundreds of other media.

“Of course, big thanks to all who voted. But special – our beloved customers: thank you so much for the dedication to our supermarkets,” said territorial development Manager network of shops “Brighter” in the Novosibirsk region Zhanna Osipova.

To award a special prize, which was established by the government of the Novosibirsk region, was invited to the stage, acting Governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrei Travnikova. He said that of course, NGS reads: “Perhaps this is the only website that has a very fast news feed”. And congratulated the website “with such a resounding start this project.”

The acting Governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Travnikov was given two awards in the special nominations of the regional government

“Investor of the year” became the head of the investment project “Russian Field” Kargatskogo district Vladimir Konashkov. Andrei Travnikov believes that the choice is absolutely justified:”There are people who invest more in the region, but Vladimir personally invested not only finances, but also your soul and knowledge. I say “personally” literally, because each piece of equipment of the agricultural enterprise, from the first stone to the temple and to the last detail of the apartments, which were built for the workers, he put his knowledge and hands”.

Vladimir Konashkov assured the audience that the region will be proud of the company: “All the villagers and everyone works we have collected in a radius of 50 kilometers. In January of this year in Barcelona, our company received first prize in the nomination “the Most technologically advanced farm in the world” – the company believes Danone, which works with 130 thousands of farms around the world. In Novosibirsk our company is recognized as one of the best,” he added.

The second special award, established by the government of the region, is the “Social project of the year”. They became Novosibirsk public organization of adopters, “day of the stork”.

Andrei Travnikov rewards the “Social project of the year”

“Adoptive parents give up their future, their lives in fact for the benefit of those children who fated were left without parents. This organization helps people who definitely do need help and support,” said Andrew herbalists.

The President of the organization “Day stork” Evgeny Solovyov said that they work 12 years: over the years, had many awards, but that they have not yet received. In her opinion, the government’s attention to the problems of orphanhood is a good sign for the city and region.

The winner in the nomination “Theater of the year” announced heroes of the NHS. Dmitry Morkovin, on the square of Lenin stood up for the girl. He spotted two men harassing her on the street, jumped out of his car and knocked out one of them. Dmitry was tried, but the public stood behind him by the wall. And 26-summer Artem Samalik, who arrested the robber of a jewelry store on Zatulinki with a carabiner. The robber managed to fire in Artem, but he is seriously wounded and managed to tie the attacker.

Lydia Markova thanked those who worked in the theater in different years and created his glory

Best movie theater readers recognized Centre of culture and rest “Victory”. His PR Director Lidiya Markova performed on stage: “Thank you, friends. Thank you prize NGS that we found out that in Novosibirsk, it turns out that in addition to “Victory”, there is a cinema. Frankly, very much surprised. I also want to Express gratitude to the team of ngsa, because “all the abuse, but all read” – it’s just about them. I am very pleased to see the changes that are happening with the portal. I believe that the team that is working on him now, made him much better. Very nice to work with you in the neighborhood. I want to thank the staff of “Victory”: not only the one that works today, but also those people who in different years worked in the cinema and created his fame. And, of course, viewers who choose the “Win” because in the cinema the most delicious popcorn, but because it shows the best movies.”

“Beauty salon of the year” awarded real beauties – Mrs. Novosibirsk-2017, Mrs Russia World-2017 Anna Spigelman and Mrs. Novosibirsk-2018, Mrs. Russia Land the 2018 Alisa Komarova. The greater number of votes given for the beauty salon “Marlen”.

Anna Spigelman and Alisa Komarova awarded the best salon of Novosibirsk

“Thank you to our customers who voted for us. You have the favorite and most good. And thanks to our team who every day from morning to evening make the city more beautiful and you, dear woman. We create beauty,” said managing network of beauty salons “Marlene” Irina Skvortsova.

The results in the category “Medical centre of the year” was announced by the athlete, head of the Foundation “Sport Venue” Vladislav Ivanov and geneticist, head of the laboratory of comparative genomics, Institute of molecular and cellular biology, SB RAS Vladimir Trifonov.

Auditorium especially reacted to the answers of Vladimir Trifonov on the presenters. Elena Letuchaya asked him if scientists make all people in the world good? “We have no such projects, which would be impossible, so I have no doubt someday we’ll get to them. But there may be negative consequences, so long as we practice on mice,” – said geneticist.

Vladimir Trifonov and Vladislav Ivanov presented the award for “Toast”

“You worked for two years in Cambridge and lived in England, but returned to Novosibirsk. Tell me honestly: which is better?”, – continued Andrey Grebenyuk. “We probably something overlooked, when asking such questions. It would be better to ask how I survived for two years in England,” said Vladimir Trifonov.

His answers in his speech, said the representative of the winning company. The best medical center recognized the “Toast”. “Frankly, unexpected. A huge thank you to those who voted. Thanks to the staff – our entire team. But I want to depart a little from tradition and say thanks to those who did not at the time took me to work, so I decided to make a business, and my husband, because he was not afraid to invest in my idea. I think he made the right decision. Very pleased to receive an award from these people – very cool and very fun you said,” said co-founder of a network of family medicine centers “Toast” Natalia Sukhareva.

Awarding the statuettes of “Shopping Mall of the year” came on the scene the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Elbow and hero materials NGS – accordionist of Novosibirsk Vladimir Veretennikov, who for many years played for the citizens “Katyusha” and “Moscow nights”. It can be found on the street or in the first square in the winter – in the subway.

The mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot said that “NGS is caffeine, cocaine, is a stimulant of life”

The mayor began his speech with a question to the audience: “do you Love the NHS as much as I love him I?! Any of your answer is wrong, because NGS are caffeine, cocaine, is a stimulant of life. When I read comments about myself, I have highlighted liters of adrenaline, I boil the blood and I think how much I love the NHS”, – said Anatoly Elbow.

The mayor and accordionist announced the name of the winner is a shopping center “Gallery”. “Restaurant of the year” was named the General Director of “Gazpromneft-Novosibirsk” Andrey Terentyev and renowned foodie, food critic NGS Stas Sokolov. Latest live at the Opera tasted the hit menu of filling stations of “Gazpromneft” – French-dog and coffee.

Restaurant critic NGS Stas Sokolov was degustarea a French dog and coffee, right on the stage Novatus

“Since 2007 we have a section dedicated to the restaurants, before me she was. Has accumulated countless of these reviews. People for this reason sometimes happy, sometimes upset. By and large it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that he thinks those who come into the restaurants,” commented Stas Sokolov.

The winner in this category was “Own company”: “the Secret of our restaurants – a love for every guest. We give her so sincerely that their children are” – revealed the secret to managing a regional network of soft restaurants “Own company” Helen Karpuk.

The award “Hotel of the year” handed photographer, popular blogger Zinaida Jost and the head of the MASSES of Novosibirsk Dmitry Fokin. Got it Marriott. “First and foremost I want to thank all Novosibirsk public who voted for us. It is a great confidence. 24 hours seven days a week, we are trying to prove that we are the best,” commented General Manager “Novosibirsk MARRIOTT hotel” Toni Toshev.

Managing “Novosibirsk MARRIOTT hotel” Toni Toshev thanked for the trust

The “fitness centre of the year” congratulated the victory of the Novosibirsk businessman who spent 25 million rubles for the construction of a fitness center in Chulym, Yevhen Fedorchenko. With him “Extreme Fitness” was supposed to award 10-time world champion on powerlifting Sergey Fedosienko, but he was in such a hurry for the award, which came on the road in a small DPT.

“A huge thank you to those who voted for us. It is a pleasure and an honor. Today we have a special day: we have opened a new fitness club at the address of Bogdan Khmelnitsky 1/1. More than 12 years in our city, we stand on guard of beauty and health of Siberians. All are welcome in our gym,” he invited the Deputy Director of group of companies “Extreme Fitness” Julia Ryzhkova.

Finally, the “business of the year” was named the chief editor of the NGS, Alexander Agafonov: “Business of the year edition of the NGS decided to call the company, which, like NGS, is the symbol of Novosibirsk. No matter what city I was not talking about them, one has only to call the company, all at once exclaim: “Oh, it’s those guys from Novosibirsk!”. Once she started with that selling discs in kiosks on the streets, now, as far as I know covered several countries of the world and the whole of Russia. This successful business, which is in Novosibirsk, works in the IT field as well as we do. We call the year business of the company “2GIS””.

Chief editor of NGS, Alexander Agafonov was named “Business of the year” version of

The founder of the company “2GIS” Alexander Sysoyev came on the scene with his wife: “I want to introduce you to my wife, partner and co-founder of the Marina Sysoev. That Marina has set the standard of quality which is famous for our product and until now frantically reaches for “Yandex” and Google. Thanks to our team: they make this product with love for you.”

Marina Sysoeva added: “We really made this item with love. Just as we have children, we have a business together. I just helped my husband this product to bear and was there for many years.”

Alexander and Marina Sysoeva received his award

At the end of the ceremony, Alexander Agafonov addressed to the nominee: “it seems very right that the main site of the city of Novosibirsk is not the only abuses (although this is also the case), it is necessary sometimes to praise. We are very pleased that everyone came and that the city’s residents who supported our call to evaluate your work. You are all very cool”, he concluded.

Made the finals the performance of Nino Katamadze.

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