“Us citizens have less to stand at the stove”

Denis Pupin, Director of the shopping center METRO in Novosibirsk:

METRO more than 30 thousand names of products

“Shopping centers METRO are valued for the range is more than 30 thousand items and quality of products. We understand that our services depends on the business of our professional clients and is very attentive to all the processes which help the customer to find everything you need for your business. Access to the shopping centre at the card of the client, which can sometimes cause issues allows us to work more effectively with entrepreneurs to know the specifics of their demands and an individual approach to everyone”.

Vitaly Nikolenko, the head of the company “Dobryanka”:

“”Dobryanka” I love the trust that we create. Once you try the dishes from our craftsmen, buyers come again to buy food for his family, children, without thinking about its quality, because they believe in us. Taste: on the creation of meals daily toil experienced chefs. Thanks to them you can feel the restaurant, and grandmother. For time savings, which is never enough. Pausing at work, you call in “Khimki” and faced with only one difficulty: “What I want to eat today?”. The consultants will recommend what exactly will match your mood. No need to stand for hours at the stove, you can spend that time with family. For the opportunity to try: every day in our stores tasting products. Treating it, we talk about the dish and the traditions in which it was prepared.

“Dobryanka” you can try dishes that are cooked for centuries in Russia

What curse “Dobryanka”? Taste. It becomes the reason for the insatiable appetite of our guests. After trying again, I want to buy new dishes. And what is really there diet for summer?! But we found a way out and come up with special meals with low calorie. For the prices of products of own production: not all the dishes of the citizens can afford. Explain why. We pay great attention to quality, natural materials and taste. The products are procured only from reliable manufacturers. For example, for the production of cheese we purchase farmer milk, 1 liter of which costs 40 rubles. To make 1 kilogram of cheese 10 litres of milk is 400 rubles. Accordingly, our cheeses can cost 200-300 rubles per kilogram, sometimes want our buyers. In order for the product became available, we have promotional offers.

Maria Philippova, Manager of public relations and state bodies of the company “Lenta”:

Company “Tape” tries to meet customer expectations

“The customer values us for a wide range of personal suggestions that we provide to each customer within the loyalty program, and a high level of service. Our customers constantly give us feedback, and we do everything possible to meet their expectations”.

Irina Teplinskaya, head of PR-direction of the group of companies “O’KAY”:

The representative of the group of companies “O’KAY” says that special love of Novosibirsk uses the products of our own bakery and cookery

“I appreciate the city’s residents are “OK” for the range, quality of service, comfort and the special atmosphere of our hypermarkets. We do our best to offer our customers a wide range of products to meet any requests. Reasonable prices, promotions and discounts make the shopping process rational, which is especially important in the modern world. We firmly believe that quality should not be expensive. Much love from the Novosibirsk uses the products of our own bakery and cooking. We strive to ensure that our hypermarkets combines all the best that can be in today’s family store: quality, assortment, service and price. We are grateful to the residents of Novosibirsk for the high evaluation of our work.”

Alexander Chirkunov, Director of “AUCHAN” hypermarket in Novosibirsk:

“We get a lot of positive reviews from customers. They appreciate our range (more than 40 thousand items), which we continue to expand and even set additional shelf. Also, customers like our new products, imported goods at competitive prices, a large selection of products from local producers, fresh bread from its own bakery and production of fresh produce. Popular with customers and seasonal operations. And of course, the customers pleased with the low price for the total purchase. All these products can be found in one store, and only three of the hypermarket “AUCHAN”. In addition, we demonstrate to customers that their safety is our priority: shops successfully tested for fire safety, including cooperation with clients.

In the hypermarket “AUCHAN” more than 40 thousand items

As for the negative comments, they allow us to become better, as thanks to our customers we understand what you want to work. Thus, there were negative reviews on the condition of the trucks, and we purchased 600 large trucks and 100 trucks under the basket. Also soon expected baby carts. There were comments on customer service at the box office and in the trading room: we have implemented a new system of teaching standards of service, we introduced a new control system, open more tills at peak times. Also in January 2018, changed the lighting, as previously the shop was quite “dark””.

Zhanna Osipova, territorial development Manager “Brighter!” – Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk region:

The representatives of “Brighter!” provided the answer to the question by the Novosibirsk

“We have no right on his comment. It is better to hear the opinions of our buyers.”

Elena Peregontseva, head of Department PR of the network of supermarkets of homemade food “Bahetle”:

“”Bakhetle” supermarket of home food – love the taste. Homemade means made by hand. Craftsmen create each dish with love using natural products. Because you can trust us. Moms come to us to choose ready-made food for herself and her child, and isn’t that expresses the highest degree of trust? For what we do everyday life of citizens freer. You make a choice and tasty Breakfast, lunch or dinner will be on your Desk. We will help decorate the holiday, offering a wide choice of Banquet dishes. Here to help if you are busy at work or don’t like to cook. We were told in confidence that “Bahetle” Novosibirsk mistress has become much less stand at the stove. For the opportunity to learn and to try different national dishes.

In “Bahetle” you’re sure that buyers who come into the world full of mouth-watering flavours, bright colours and delicious dishes

What curse “Bahetle”? Because we have a very good. Very often we hear the reproach, which pleases our chefs: “So good you can’t cook!”. Many temptations, which forget about the waist. For what, coming for something specific, you leave with a full basket. We do work hard to ensure that you could buy everything your heart desires, so if you visit us for lunch, you think about dinner or Breakfast and buy everything at once. But you become much freer and can spend time with the family. For the high price level. We are anxious about the quality of our products and use only natural raw materials, which we purchase from reliable producers.”

Alexander Egorov, General Director of “TKH the Siberian Giant” (supermarkets “the Townswoman” the network of supermarkets “Megas” and the hypermarket “Giant”):

The key competence of stores “the Siberian Giant” – promotion

“We love innovative, thoughtful, independent assortment, and service quality. Buyer we always find a little bit more, and even much more than stores of comparable formats of its competitors. We are well aware of its local scale and market power, therefore, where the Federal network takes quantity we focus on quality. More love for our promotion. Almost every second the message “Flame” contains a promise “in the store often hosts interesting actions”. Frankly speaking, we allocate our promo as a key competence, we have a wide range in the promo, we do not skimp on discounts, bonuses, gifts. Our buyers didn’t make the “favorite brand or benefit”. Our customers will save, simply by purchasing products from us.

For they do not like. Modern trade, despite the self-service format and an increasing bias towards digital technologies, is a service process, which are still real people. These people are hard days, failures somewhere did not smile, sometimes allowed himself to Express a negative emotion. And we get the reply well-deserved criticism for our customers”.

Development Director at network of shops “Bystronom” Timothy, Gerasko:

One of the shops network “Bystronom”

What we love buyers? For hot bread, the honest sausage of own production, fast and high quality service, attractive prices, fresh products, exciting promotions. Blamed for the fact that we have little shops, not all parts of the city.

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