Test drive: hippos in the city

Тест-драйв: бегемоты в городе

Black V-Class (provided an official dealer of “STS Cars”) appears gaze as something huge, solid, but interesting in its design.

Front of it is branded, drawn to the bottom of the lights, a big star on the radiator grille, powerful hood with Central rib.

Hood this and, in General, an elongated engine compartment, make the V-Class is swift, sporty, not like the usual pot-bellied minivans-the short stacks. Across the sidewall is stylish punch. All the glass except the front, well toned. Drives nice, but the 18-th wheel is too small.

Behind everything is quite simple and square. Big compact glass and lanterns make the stern very impressive.

In the cabin – the realm of space. Car length 5140 mm width 1928 mm with a high roof and rectangular forms puts the amount actually in first place in the list of its main functional characteristics.

Between the front seats is here to stand. Over head a large amount of air. The massive front panel pushes far forward windshield.

Tall Windows, good all-round visibility, the car towers over virtually all road users to drive it comfortably. Materials – the standard “Mercedes” quality. The front panel is not leather, but plastic – without the slightest flaws. The doors have leather inserts, the seats are also leather.

There are hard materials: the bottom of the door panel, the rear or this black insert, framing the multimedia joystick and control buttons. This is probably the weakest point in the interior – the plastic is not elegant and may eventually posoritsja.

The chair is good lateral support is very useful in the 2.2-ton van, which, of course, leaning in corners. Additionally helps to keep an individual arm rests with adjustable height. But the seat cushions are too short, the legs of the tall people will be dangling.

Landing in the car is easy, the nut is optimal, but you can go to the salon and without it – just sit down without bending, and all. Front doors could be open to a larger angle.

In the rear, five seats, 1030-litre boot and a host of options for transformation.

In the center, spread, and height-adjustable table that moves on rails back and forth. In the company of 5 people at this table, you can curl up and comfortable ride over long distances.

If the table is not needed – it goes down, its halves are added and removed in the tunnel, which moves between the two seats, standing against the motion. These seats, by the way, easy to take and easy to deploy while moving.

The rear seats can be folded, having a huge platform where you can easily fit two bikes. And is still a place for 2-3 adult bikes.

Luggage compartment decorated a shelf organizer which can be raised or even removed from the cabin for transportation of any oversized cargo.

Sliding door is equipped with electric motor on the outside they are easy to open by simply pulling the handle. The driver can also open the doors using the buttons on the center console.

The V-Class with its convertible and a voluminous saloon is a car for all occasions. And a big family, and overall loads, and ease of travel on the highway everything this minivan. Of course, more V-Class corporate car fleet used for transportation, for example, employees or delegations. There are options and commercial use of the vehicle.

Under the hood the V-Class is located a 2.1 liter turbodiesel engine rated at 190 HP, with a thrust of 440 N·m. this edifice It accelerates in 9.1 seconds – fast enough for big tall “wagon”.

The delay when pressing on the gas pedal a minimum, diesel alive unwinds, showing the best traction at 3000 rpm. The V-Class is equipped with 4MATIC, so the car accelerates steadily and surely. There may even cram in the seats, if you start with two pedals, while pressing the brake gives diesel to spin itself up to 2000 revs.

Van manifests itself unexpectedly agile in the stream – with banks you can control, steering wheel clear and informative. The only time we should start to slow down “well in advance”: after all, the car is heavy and the brake system is not the most effective.

Over bumps the V-Class is comfortable, gradually swaying, swallowing everything. Somewhere at home in Germany the Mercedes would be ideal from the standpoint of smoothness, but Russian roads make adjustments. Serious asphalt hole punches already well felt in the cabin, perhaps this fault and the low 45 profile tyres.

The price of the V-Class starts at 3 million – for the money, less efficient diesel and manual gearbox. Our powerful version with a gun worth 3.7 million rubles without taking into account the prices of options.

For comparison, another German van – Volkswagen Multivan – worth of 2,686 million. But he’s smaller and weaker than in the initial version, and the brand he is not premium.

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