Kill “Qashqai”

Убить «Кашкай»

This KIA Soul (courtesy of the official dealer of company “mega Park”) seem to just designed to make life more fun, and the mood is better. Especially in this bright red version of the GT.

The front is a fun, cartoon – huge kruglyashi fog lamp, little nose, radiator grille – it all brings a smile.

The silhouette of the car is filled with square solutions, the main focus – chopped junction of roof and a-pillar, the window opening without any curves. The upper line of Windows is slightly sloping to the tail of the car, giving the swiftness of the profile.

It is seen that the rear portion of the long thought out and painted, not just made “standard”. Huge lights ears, black framed glasses. In the midst of all this black red strip with the model name – it seems to be hanging in the air. Picture of complete round red lights in the bumper.

Soul seems to be a small car, but almost like a real crossover – landing high and to sit relatively comfortably. KIA sells it in the category of “Crossovers and SUVs”. A small clearance is 15.3 centimeters, but the short base (2,57 m) and moderate overhangs really make the car relatively passable.

There are unexpected spaciousness in the cabin. High roof, plenty of air, the front panel conceals space. Soft plastic front, but the back – hard.

Main GT-interior detail – these are the speakers with red rims similar whether in kegs, or drums. This vysokochastotnyi audio system.

Red GT-strokes there are stitching and various inserts on the automatic transmission lever on the centre tunnel.

And of course, the steering wheel with the stitching and cut off the bottom part of the bagel and calls for driverkey driving.

The chair would have to support this fuse, but they have mediocre lateral support, they are not particularly kept in tight turns. Although by themselves, the seats are decent, with mixed trim leather/fabric.

Tidy simple and clear, with a large display in the middle. It seems that it is set too low, looking at her as if themselves in the foot.

Multimedia system – standard version without any delays, inhibitions, but without any frills. The sound in General goes, if you clean up the MIDs.

On the rear seats two is quite enough, the couch is comfortable, but there is no armrest. There are heated seats.

The trunk, of course, is small, only 354 liters, but there is a smart shelf, consisting of two segments can be folded up and tilt. Underground bulk organizer.

To match the name GT – under the hood here, the turbocharged 1.6-liter engine, outstanding 204 “horses”.

Disperse hundreds 7.8 seconds, but the feeling is such that the dynamics is more modest, and the motor and all at first seemed atmospheric.

The car is automated manual DCT dual-clutch, it works correctly, without podergivaniah. Sometimes when pressing the gas pedal, happen jolts of acceleration, but the logic of the formation of these shocks is unclear.

Audio and vibrogasyaschih motor could be better at high speeds in the salon come and roar of the engine, and itchy vibrations. In a relaxed mode at 3000 rpm the motor does not annoy.

The near-zero wheel position seems a bit wobbly, with minor deviations donut machine does not change its course. Then the wheel becomes more informative, in the corners it heavier, and the car’s course is clear.

Soul – quite a tough car, there is always shaking or jumping. However, suspension has good energy content, not prone to breakouts, you can at a decent speed “hitting” in the pits.

And offroad you can just search the SUV quickly drove over bumps, nothing hurts, holds good grip with their front drive.

Soul in this “red” version is well equipped: there is a system of dead zones, rear view camera, help system when leaving the car Park reverse, power seats, Keyless entry, cruise control, navigation. It is 1 441 900 rubles.

Although in the younger versions, with quiet motors you can do a million “cents”. And it will be less than the cost of larger crossovers, such as “Qashqai” or “Kret”.

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