Photo: a piece of glass fell from the second floor in the lobby the sun city

Разбившееся стекло убрали за 10 минут the Shattered glass was removed in 10 minutes

On the morning of 7 may in Novosibirsk the IFC’s “sun city” had a piece of glass – he flew one floor and crashed.

“Around 11 in the morning there was cracking and sloughing of the decorative element of decoration of the atrium between the first and second floor. Causes at the moment are set. The element is made of tempered glass and the shattering is not a threat to the health of the visitors”, – commented on the situation in IFC.

A fallen glass was near the escalator. According to eyewitnesses in social networks, no one was hurt.

One of the eyewitnesses on the spot told the NGS that the glass was removed for 10 minutes, and immediately after the fall of the guard came, he spent by visitors.

A piece of glass fell from the finish of the atrium During incident nobody has suffered

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