Cold and damp: forecasters warned the city’s residents about heavy rains

Во вторник, 8 мая, в Новосибирске ждут проливной дождь on Tuesday, may 8, in Novosibirsk, waiting for the pouring rain

Novosibirsk weather forecasters made a forecast for the next few days – Tuesday, 8 may, it rains heavily.

“We expect the cyclone, expected heavy rain, at night with sleet. Cyclone comes from the Middle Urals, he is now over Yekaterinburg and Tobolsk, will shift through Omsk to us at our latitude. Wind South-Western 7-12 m/s,” – told the correspondent of the NGS chief of Department of weather forecasts of the Novosibirsk meteorologist Marina Vinogradova

8 may the temperature at night will be +2…+4, and the day will rise to +7…+9 degrees.

“May 9 at night in the rear of the cyclone is yet night, rain likely (in the first half of the night). Light rain in the afternoon. 10 may also without rain,” – said Vinogradov.

The wind speed after may 8 will be reduced, and in the night of may 9, forecasters expect wind speeds of 5-10 m/s during the day – 3-8 m/s.

The temperature at night on may 9 will be 0 to -2 degrees, will rise to 8-10 degrees Celsius. Night on may 10, around zero during the day – 9-11 degrees.

Similar weather was last weekend – she rapidly deteriorated on Saturday.

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