“What have I done to you?”: a wounded student told about the shooting in College

Дмитрия Болденкова, раненного 10 мая в колледже, ждёт долгое восстановление Dmitry Boltenkova, wounded may 10, at the College, has a long recovery ahead

Baraba student branch of College of transport technologies named Lunina, wounded in yesterday’s shooting, operate in Novosibirsk regional hospital – it is dangerous and difficult fracture, as well as pellets in the shoulder. Before surgery, 18-year-old Dmitry Boltenkov told the NGS that happened in College on may 10.

Doctors sanaviatsii brought Dmitry Boltenkova from Barabinsk TSRB in Novosibirsk regional hospital the evening of 10 may. Yesterday around 10:00 on a pair ACID – the General course of the Railways – he shot his 17-year-old classmate, then the shooter killed himself.

“I just heard the door opened and said something behind him, turn around shot, that’s all. Then all ran behind the computer Desk, it turns out, in the corner…

I had just said, “What have I done to you?”, he said nothing and just left. <…> We all sat next to. Don’t know how not caught neighbor”, – told the correspondent NGS Dmitry Boltenkov.

The student said he did not understand that it was said to a classmate before you start shooting. On the death of the arrow Boldenkov learned later. He was in the clean room, where he after the injured were treated hand.

According to the student, before he was the shooter a fellow student did not quarrel

“(M. M.: you have been fighting?) No, I might ask, which pair the following, so, according to the lessons, and all. (M. M.: the group he also didn’t swear?)

No, not cursed, we pinned it all together, I don’t know what happened to him”, – assured the injured student.

According to him, after a gunshot wound he hardly felt the pain.

“And while luck here – I haven’t felt pain, just a hand hanging out. Small pain,” he added. However, a long talk young man seriously, although doctors say that his condition is stable.

In the hand of Dmitry Boltenkova left a lot of pellets

As explained to the correspondent NGS the doctor the traumatologist-orthopedist of the Novosibirsk regional hospital Daniel Border, in Barabinsk TSRB the patient has completed the primary surgical treatment of wounds. Today the operation the wound will be treated again to the broken bone does not re-injure the surrounding soft tissue.

“Wound him sufficiently massive – Grabovoi the shoulder injury, gunshot. A foreign body in a fraction. <…> The healing of wounds, when it all calms down, leave the inflammatory process, it would be about, say, a bone-plastic operation,” said the trauma surgeon.

Treatment of Dmitry Boltenkov will be multistage – doctors removed pellets from the shoulder and connects the bone fragments. The patient can go home and periodically come to the next stage of treatment.

Daniel Border was added that the Outlook for the student rather favorable, since the shot didn’t damage blood vessels and nerves. “You can tell that guy is some lucky,” said the doctor.

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