Grubby attacked the city

Чумазые атаковали город

Dirty cars stand out against their dirty counterparts. A thick layer of dirt on the side of this “Lada Vesta” says that the washing machine stopped for a long time.

According to the Russian legislation to punish the driver for the car being in an indecent form, does not. You can not even wash years. VAZ-2104 on Krylov street.

It can be assumed that the budget machines are not washed in order to save. But what causes people to be kept in poor form, for example, expensive SUVs? Mercedes ML 320, which at least has a visible registration number.

Toyota Land Cruiser is dirty so that the rear room is already impossible to distinguish. And this is the reason for the involvement of the owner the responsibility of the traffic police.

Unreadable number is an administrative offense, part 1 of article 12.2 of the administrative code. Here in this article, and you can punish the owner of a dirty car. Nissan Qashqai on Lenin street.

And this Korean SsangYong Korando with spattered front license plate. “The inspectors visually detect such vehicles in the flow, stop them, fix an unreadable number of the record of the Registrar or photo. Unreadable is when from a distance of 25 meters or less impossible to distinguish at least one letter or digit”, – explained in Department of promotion of regional management of traffic police.

In the traffic police said that for 4 months of 2018 under article 12.2 in the Novosibirsk region was prosecuted 3860 drivers. And in 2017 over the same period – 4557. According to traffic police, car owners gradually become purer, better watch their cars. But not the driver of this Subaru Legacy B4.

In the same article attract drivers who deliberately change the design of license plates, put all sorts of frames, paste the protective film. However, the proportion of such is small, the majority simply do not keep clean plates. An Old Toyota Cynos.

However, the penalty for unreadable small – a fine of 500 rubles. Discount within 20 days, you can pay 250 rubles. Honda CRV on Vokzalnaya Magistral.

Many drivers wipe rooms, lights and door handles, but the whole car seems fundamentally do not wash for weeks. Nissan Teana, which cleaned the front room. The car itself was covered in old crusty.

This Subaru Legacy hanging on the curb in the street Frunze, too, have not touched a jet of clean water. And even on the trunk lid appeared a simple painting.

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