“I Park like a freak”: the Avengers koreabut cars

«Я паркуюсь как чудак»: мстители корябают по машинам

We begin with another example of revenge for wrong Parking. This Renault side nakoryabal the inscription in the dirt may have scratched the paint. “Retsedivist Valet on “Renault Logan” is intentionally destroying the lawn in the grounds of the house at Dawn, 1/1. Residents recorded 2 cases,” writes the reader Sergey.

“Every morning, observed this picture at Michael Nametkina, 8/1. The “Lexus” it has a Parking space, today joined Hyundai”, informs us the reader of Eugene.

“DPS protects the “blue buckets” standing in the second row,” he saw the disorder reader Denis. Judging by the shape of the car with flashing lights on the roof, it’s the Lexus LS, perhaps, the Governor.

Cozy area for Parking. I do not walk, in fact, to the entrance to the other end of the yard.

“In front of the former cinema “Kosmos”. To the question: “Normally parked?” – the girl stared. I didn’t have time to explain “smart” lady, what’s wrong with it, took a picture and went”, – says the details of the eyewitness of incident.

Lexus blocked the sidewalk, nothing unusual, disagree.

“The car in the yard on the street Ippodromskaya, 19. All the cars are right, only this driver parked his car diagonally and took just three places”, – says the observations of the reader Norbert.

“Disabled Parking, “Bystronom” on Ostrovsky. Two disabled people on the head,” is harsh in assessing the reader Andrew.

“These are the wonders of the Park I photographed at the intersection of Pisarev and the Soviet. There is a need to manage it! I have the feeling that the machine was set, and then neatly pushed under the balcony,” says Oksana.

“Parked cars in the yard of Alexander Nevsky, 26, with a stroller can not go to the entrance”, – is Natalia.

“”Leroy Merlin” at the Factory, directly on a pedestrian crossing, what else to add?” – said Valery.

Well, it’s our favorite landmark – the intersection of Sovetskaya and Lenin. BMW numbers AAA, perched on concrete paving, all right.

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