“I Park like a freak”: the Porsche 005 – mortals, move

«Я паркуюсь как чудак»: Porsche 005 - смертные, подвиньтесь

The issue starts with the car Porsche with a beautiful room 005. He took the wheelchair place is marked by several signs.

“We have in our yard one guy who spoils every morning the garbage truck driver, and many concerned residents of their boorish Parking. In the yard on the street Ryabinovaya, 10/1,” writes us reader Alexander.

“In our house there was a “wonderful” neighbor – young autojam with disregard for others and almost not readable number. Certainly the room itself is thus made to the camera not get. Gully, 13″, – notices the details of Vitaly.

Mercedes made his way through the paving close to the entrance to the building.

The residents of the residential complex “Oasis” can’t cope with the proprietress of the car “Renault” which got into the habit of Parking on the lawn. “Please, “pushing” our regular autocad. No talk with the owner of the car, unfortunately, lead to nothing”, – complains a resident of Alex.

“Lexus” nestled on the paving tiles. At least the mud don’t knead on the lawn.

“The crossroad of B. Khmelnitskogo street and Theatre. On the remark of the lady responded with a offensive,” he tried to stop the violation of the witnesses.

Land Cruiser Prado found all the same lawn on the street Michurina, well at least the tree is not damaged.

“At the intersection of schetinkin and Kamenskaya parked car. As a result of such Parking girls with baby carriages can not pass. I would like to note that these drivers very much, which are parked at this place in the morning and stand until the end of the day,” reports the reader Artem.

Cars perched entirely on the footpath. People, respectively, will go on the roadway, everything is logical.

Weekdays The Campus. “In the yard on the seafront, 11 after winter drivers can’t stop and continue to put cars on the lawn and the sidewalk, creating a dirt and destroying the lawn that will not be able to recover from this stirring of the mud” – going through Natalia.

Well, the new people’s wisdom. “Not only the rich Park like a jackass”, – noted Vladislav reader.

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