300 of the city’s residents have gathered near the monument to Alexander III, under the slogan “we are not a king”

In the Park “City beginning” rally, organized by supporters of Alexei Navalny. The stated theme of the event was the protection of the Messager to the Telegram and Internet freedom, however, the participants of the meeting greatly expanded on this agenda.

Estimates of the correspondent NGS, the rally was attended by over 300 people

Despite the bad weather (it was drizzling rain) and the lack of certainty with the time and place of the meeting, which persisted until the last moment, the event gathered, according to the correspondent of the NHS, not less than 300 people. Judging by the symbolism of the party, among those present was dominated by supporters of Alexei Navalny (the red balls with the numbers 2018 – a year in which Navalny tried to take part in the elections).

Some participants came with posters, made their own

However, in addition to them, the protest was attended by representatives of leftist youth movements and activists of the so-called libertarian party. In addition, at the foot of the monument to Alexander III was any number of people unclear political affiliation with posters made with their own hands, why the event is sometimes like a Revolution.

По оценкам корреспондента НГС, в митинге приняли участие более 300  человек

The main slogan of the event

The main slogan of the event was the phrase, “He’s not the king” banner, which activists unfurled, standing on a hill, to make it visible to all the participants of the rally.

The organizer of the rally Andrei Gladchenko has told how he managed to outsmart the town hall

Speakers first head of the local branch of “Progress Party” Andrey Gladchenko has told about what difficulties (from the authorities) faced the organizers of the rally and spoke about the new technology, invented by the opposition to overcome them. According to Gladchenko, this time the organizers have applied to hold a rally at once in more than ten places, which, in the opinion of the speaker, did not allow city authorities to find the most likely causes for failures in all places at once.

Rally participants sometimes expressed metaphorically Anyone could be photographed with a specially prepared banner with a slit for the face

Speakers after speakers with varying degrees of eloquence denounced the current Russian authorities for infringement of freedom of speech. The headliner (that is the main star) of the meeting was speaker the last member of the Moscow branch of “Progress Party” Sergey Boyko, who stressed that “the government is struggling with the Internet, because the Internet – the last Bastion of our freedom of speech.”

Despite the bad weather, participants arrived in high spirits

“Comrade major wants to read our correspondence, because he wants to see unhappy there. But we are,” he shouted standing in front of him the crowd quickly. “Yes,” replied the audience.

Order the event was heavily guarded by the police

Then Andrew Gladchenko announced that it completed the rally and advised the participants to proceed to the area of Pimenova (before SPSL) where the mayor Anatoly Elbow had to open the fountain. At least, according to Gladchenko, the city government explained the failure to provide this platform to the organizers of the rally.

After at the foot of the monument a little over an hour, the protesters dispersed under the drizzling rain

Park “City beginning” the opposition called the “Park of Alexei Navalny”, because at one time it was held here first in Novosibirsk, a rally involving this public figure. It is known, however, not only political events. Here recently returned a large kitehe had found an old nest and began to fix it.

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