A mini-city under a roof

Kirill Leonov, head of public relations of JSC “TPS Property” owning “Gallery Novosibirsk”:

The love of the visitors of the shopping centers can be measured by attendance, assured of the “Gallery of Novosibirsk”

“What love? For a Central place in the city, a selection of shops, the beauty of the facade and interiors – Yes, actually, everything. Actually, how much I love the SEC, shows his attendance. We have it growing, so probably like more.”

Anastasia stone, marketer, shopping Mall “Eden”:

“In the Soviet area, and especially in Akademgorodok, has long lacked a modern shopping Mall. To buy new things or a trip to the cinema had to spend a whole day, because it was necessary to go to the Central areas of the city. Now at lunch you can run to the shops in search of beautiful blouses or gift, and after a day of Hiking and watch a movie, leaving the child in the children’s entertainment center.

In the Soviet area the people live with a very special mentality is associated with a particular intellectual level of the district, therefore, in addition to entertainment, we care about the development of the population,

including children, and try to maintain the level, which was founded by academician Mikhail Lavrentyev. We created an art space where regular lectures, master classes and just going in the evenings to debate on some interesting subject.

Of course, it’s true that Moscow was not built. The same can be said about us. This is our first year, year of birth, we grow and in the course of its development is faced with some new challenges, which are gradually solved. Who is the first to notice? Our guests. Those who come to us and notice certain imperfections. They genuinely care for us, so find the time and desire to report this in feedback and suggestions. We always listen to the wishes and solve the appeared problems.

In “Eden” conduct lectures and master classes

The first year of operation of the large dispenser – it’s like the launch of a new mechanism consisting of many parts. Listen to the sound and understand that it is necessary to lubricate and to tweak. Eventually all the parts to each other will be lapped and will intuitively adjust to the rhythm of the others. And we have. Most importantly, our guests, is part of the mechanism, and without them we are nowhere. Our tenants – the second important component of our mechanism, friendly shopping environment. Some of them come and go, the other has not yet come and we are negotiating with them, but there are those who come and remain forever, in any case, we listen to our guests, know their habits and we find tenants according to their wishes.

Despite a wide range of products and services we have provided, many visitors would like to see new large stores of famous brands. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible: many major Federal brands such as Adidas, ZARA, are only in the SEC with an area of over 50 thousand sq. m. But we are working on this issue, so last year was able to bring happiness to our guests with the opening of shops “Eldorado”, Ostin, “Sportmaster”, “Logo”, Zolla and “Children’s world””.

Galina Turilina, PR-Manager of IFC’s “sun city”:

“Sun city” is a small “city within a city,” assured his representatives

“The sun city I love for its location, the special atmosphere, diverse activities and, of course, for our versatility. Here everyone can find something interesting: shopping, entertainment, sport, recreation and even health. We are a small “city within a city”. As wrote one of our attendees, “if “the sun city” was also a hotel, then it would not go at all.” And we, in turn, try to do everything possible to make our visitors feel comfortable and interesting to be in the complex. Of the minuses often say too active adolescents.”

Olga Vitovskaya, managing the shopping center “Orange”:

Orange love for modern architectural solutions and communications

“Love for a good location in the Central part of the city (metro/railway station), most convenient transport and pedestrian accessibility. Modern architectural solutions and communications, a balanced concept of everyday purchases and the presence of such anchors as “Feed”, “M. Video”, “Burger king”. Blamed for waiting for the discovery of new tenants.”

Anna Vazhenina, marketer STTS “Continent”:

“Shopping center “Continent” on the Trolley without exaggeration there is something to love. A year ago, we began a large scale beautification of the area near the shopping center for families. For two years Playground with free slides, swings and rides. Commissioned “Kids race track”, where on the basis of “Novosibirsk children’s automobile city” are classes for children. In their spare time children riding on scooters, bicycles, skateboards, bicycles and velomobiles, of course, observing traffic regulations. There are organized places to stay: the landscaping, installed Park benches and urns. Another interesting area is roller skating, where, together with the roller-roller schools and community the city regularly hosts events, performances and educational workshops.

In winter near the Playground worked free ice rink to the public with rental skates. Square ice rink allows you to freely host up to 100 people. It is suitable for confident skiers, and for beginners in skating. For convenience, the rink has “ice helpers” (special wooden structures), which will allow you to stay on his feet and not fall. The rink is now closed for refurbishment, instead, the summer will be a full stadium where you can play football, basketball, volleyball and other active games. Near the stadium later this month will formally begin its work area for preparation and delivery standards TRP. It is equipped with modern and safe equipment in the summer will be open the jump hole.

In the “Continent” work rink, kids race track, roller skating

In addition to sports and training zones on the territory of the center there is a rope Park, which opened last fall and was loved by the residents of the nearby housing estate. Several levels of difficulty, different types of tracks, secure the height – that’s what I like on the new Park. Now the Park is also closed for refurbishment ready for the summer season, but in early may it will reopen for visitors. Most importantly, all these sites are free. At all sites there is music, video surveillance and security guards work. So parents can not worry about the safety of their children.

The good location of the shopping center in close proximity to the community allows residents not to travel to the city centre for shopping and leisure. All the necessary and interesting can be found nearby! In the shopping centre has convenient Parking. In addition to these sites, in our view, the shopping center “Continent” like for the fact that there are free children’s and family programs. This and master classes, and concerts, and demonstrations. Unlike other shopping centers, “Continent” is not just a collection of shops, children’s center and food court, and a place for the whole family.”

Fedor Boyarkin, managing trade-office center “Versailles”:

“Versailles” has a convenient location – easily accessible by metro and is where to Park the car

“Love for what is all needed on acceptable terms and prices. Many Federal and local entrepreneurs. Convenient location on metro drive and the car always is where to put free Parking. It is basic, in my opinion. What curse? We have a large attendance, so probably could be more comfortable, less fussy”.

Eugene Shustikova, marketer of the shopping center “Aura”:

“First of all the city’s residents love the “Aura” for a lot of shops of different directions. We have a clothing boutique, clothes, children’s and sports goods, jewellery, Shoe shops, bags, a large supermarket. In addition, we have a large selection of good restaurants with different concepts for every taste. According to many buyers, the strong side of the shopping center is an entertainment area, especially the cinema, as well as major events. For reviews of our guests, “Aura” is a very convenient shopping center: because of its wide range it is possible not only to buy everything you need, but a nice time.

“Aura” is like for a large selection of shops

Some visitors say the inconvenience in the Parking lot. We solve this problem by improving the navigation system, in particular its technical component. Recently we have installed new illuminated signs in addition, put two terminals with a wire transfer, to expedite and simplify the payment process. We also had a reconstruction on Malaya street Parking from the side street Ippodromskaya, expanding it and increasing the number of seats. Note that opinions on this subject differ: many of our guests, however, believe a large Parking lot, including street, one of the advantages of the shopping center”.

Julia Nekrasova, senior marketing Manager at TRK “Royal Park”:

In “Royal Park” there is a warm Parking and the IMAX cinema

“We have one of the most successful in terms of convenience of Parking in the city, it’s warm, which is very nice in bad weather and winter. One of the best cinemas with modern equipment which is constantly updated, the availability of the city’s only IMAX cinema. We appreciate a fairly selective audience, which does not accept big fuss when visiting shopping centres. Large selection of unique designer things in stores (in the South gallery of the second floor). What we do not choose: not too big size TRC, which affects the number of hosted stores.”

Olga Mednikova, head of advertising and marketing, OOO “Torgovy Kvartal – Novosibirsk” (shopping center “Sibirskiy Mall”):

“Siberian Mall” this year marks a decade

“A matter of trust all visitors is important to us. But first and foremost, shopping center should be comfortable and safe to visit. I hope that these values are shared by all our guests. Loyalty, and especially trust is formed not only due to the possibility of shopping for the whole family. The atmosphere and mood of the visitors – the most important factor. Raffles, sales, family events, themed festivals, restaurants, bowling and cinema today “Siberian Mall” offers a rich program of leisure and entertainment. This year, the Mall will be 10 years. During this time we have gained great experience and know that the most valuable thing is a good mood and smile every guest. We always welcome suggestions for improvement and strive to make the shopping center as comfortable as possible”.

Ivan Batalov, head of marketing Department at “MEGA” in Novosibirsk:

MEGA – convenient for shopping, one-story building, confident of its representatives

“Love us for being “all under one roof,” convenient to shopping single-floor building, a lot of free services for visitors and also for safety. Blamed us for the weekend too many visitors, and for planned evacuation drills a few times a year”.

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