The bus collided with a car on Avenue Builders: on the outskirts of the campus gathered tube

Of the victims in the accident are not reported

Accidents involving cars and bus No. 139 paralyzed the movement on the prospectus of Builders in the Soviet district of Novosibirsk.

The accident occurred at 10:15 near a stop “the Prospectus of Builders,” said emergency commissioners Avtospas.

According to them, both participants of road accident was traveling from the Heroes of Labor in the direction of the Lykov.

“Bus No. 139 lane in the left lane not miss KIA,” he described the accident in “Autospace”, adding that from-for road accident on the prospectus of Builders gathered tube.

After an accident on prospect Builders is the jam

Last week, a passenger bus had an accident on the street Volochaevskaya , in road accident nobody suffered.

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