Can’t get that on the street smile

Maria Ivanova, Turku:

I moved a year ago for love: my husband by profession is strongly linked to Finland and the EU as a whole, so lots to pack your bags fell to me. In August I start studying at University, and now most of the days busy language courses.

I’m lucky to live in a quiet area near the University, so around all the wonderful shops of all sizes within a 10-15 minute walk, huge Park nearby, 5 minutes to University, 15 minutes to the Central shopping area. But in more remote residential areas, of course, a variety of shops and cafes less. But even more greenery around.

I miss the city noise in Finland except Helsinki city centre can match with Novosibirsk, and not in the rush hour.

To find accommodation simply. Another issue is that if the apartment is in good condition and nice price for the rental, the view can come a dozen other people. That’s about the stage sometimes hear horror from “fresh” immigrants, because some owners prefer to rent an apartment local. But in Novosibirsk it’s the same story.

Rent prices in Turku – from 500 euros per month to infinity. Prices on utilities depend not only on consumption but also, for example, depending on what company you contract for electricity.

Surprising to me was the Finnish housing Department and the love of the Finns to the centralized repair. Once in a certain number of years, the housing Department conducts massive repair of various communications: change the pipe, wiring and other necessary things. In our house, so recently changed the pipes, and as this had partially removed the old tile, along with upgraded bathrooms. In the basement built layouts of possible designs: color tiles, a shower or bath. The owners chose, and over the summer throughout the building, made repairs. For me, this process made a lasting impression.

Common courtyard in a typical quarter, Turku

Cottages in Finland are called kesämökki – year-old cottage. Unlike our cottages mainly in the fact that they are located far enough from each other and surrounded by a forest, so that their neighbors don’t see you at all. Well, most of the cottages are very thorough, most complete homes, not something that comes to mind to us when someone says “cottage”.

Find a job here is difficult mainly because of the language.

There are, of course, areas like IT, where the English lacks, but in other cases the Finnish need. And here lies the problem: Finnish is really difficult. It doesn’t sound like most European languages, it is logical, but very much varied grammar. I mean, even with a very active study you speak in a year. At least not at a level sufficient for any skilled work.

In addition to language, there is another factor – jobs elementary fewer than in Novosibirsk. So many visitors try their hand here in small business. The state is quite actively supports and allocates grants for development.

In large cities if you want you can find anything. There are of course national characteristics. Where in Russia will be two refrigerators with different types of mayonnaise, in Finland will be two refrigerators with different oil, margarine and other spreads – here it is erected in a cult. Finn will not survive without rye bread with butter.

Timothy L., Novosibirsk – Helsinki:

I love Finnish architecture: we have grey Khrushchev and houses some monoblocks, I such did not see. All the free space, that is, the Finns are trying to use to the maximum. There are empty seats, but they are usually natural areas. Outside the city there are lot of small private farms.

The streets in Helsinki is very culturally decorated and not polluted. The penalties for the mess, but they are extremely small, and that the penalty to, have to, don’t know shit right under the camera or to extinguish a cigarette on a police officer. The people there are just more education.

Finns are quite friendly, sincere, but they are not all take and it is not easy to approach.

They are very discreet. In Russia, you can stranger to meet, to talk to him one night, and you have each other can not move – it happens. And the Finns look at first, it will take time to them you began to see as a friend, good to you, do not hesitate.

One of the new neighborhoods in Helsinki, built on the site of the port

The average salary of a food service worker can afford to rent an apartment in a good area. There is social housing, and it is in very good condition: it can live for a penny, and it is significantly better than the apartment that I rented in Novosibirsk in the center of the city. But you can’t just come to say that you’re a student and you have a little money – it doesn’t work.

In Helsinki, the common fast foods that you go in, pay some money, and you have a buffet. And when the dairy products in stores, to expire, give them for free: just put the price to 0 Euro and you can collect this milk and go.

Before I seriously think about how to continue my studies in Finland. Still, the education abroad much more appreciated than the Russian, and it’s a change of scenery and new opportunities. But then I very rarely will see your friends – don’t want to lose.

Angelina Gorokhov, Turku:

We moved 2 years ago, my husband was offered a job – he’s a programmer.

Turku is a very beautiful city. I have no excitement if the evening walk through the dark Park, people are friendly and smiling – still can’t get that on the street just start to smile.

The average height of the houses here, 6 floors, 9 – this is the skyscraper. We live in an ordinary 6-storey building, remove 3-room apartment. To find accommodation here is simple, but the real estate agencies have an interesting feature: they do not offer 10 apartments, and clarify wishes and give one option. If not satisfied with the other. It’s not very convenient if in a hurry.

Building in Turku is mostly low: the 9-storey building is already a high – rise

Anyone legally residing in Finland may withdraw hostile, but there is a queue and it can be longer. There are gescartera slightly cheaper. For example, our new apartment in a good area close to the centre costs about 900 euros, like “three rubles”-goskvartiru for 600-700 you can find. Another 20 euros we pay for underground heated Parking, electricity costs 80 euros 3 months 25 euros. The rest is included in the rent.

It is worth remembering that the average salary here is about 2300 euros.

You can buy an apartment in the mortgage – banks are willing to give in General terms, but it depends on the status and a residence permit. If it is not permanent, you can refuse or ask for a large down payment. If “tenure” is, an initial contribution – 10% rate of 1-3% depending on the Bank and other conditions.

The employment service is very good help in search of jobs, go to language courses. If the profession is not or it is difficult to find a job will suggest alternative courses. All free! Even the cleaning lady can get training (more than a year), and then the salary will be higher.

In a small business is much easier with taxes and documents. My friend opened a company in Novosibirsk, and it was a headache with a bunch of records, knocking on the doors and the payment of various taxes. In Finland such paperwork no: just pay a percentage of the profits. However, any expenses you checks from the store to prove it.

In Catholic Finland, a lot of churches, but the faith no one is forcing

We have in the city, the metro and trams, only buses, but they always go exactly on schedule. One-time ticket you can ride with any transfers within 2 hours: we often have time to go to the store or the pool and return on the same ticket. If you go with a stroller – free travel, and the bus tilts to make it easier to call. If it is a disabled person in a wheelchair – the driver will be released, a special step and will help him to stop.

Someone here praises the medicine, someone scolds. For example, with snot and coughing you even before the doctor comes: the nurse will look and then send you home. Drugs at the pharmacy you can buy only the simple type Panadol, more serious drugs – by prescription only.

Treated here according to the principle of “wait a couple of weeks, if not work – contact again.”

But if something serious, will do everything possible to help: an ambulance will arrive in 7 minutes, if it’s very far – the helicopter arrives.

One of the reasons why we decided to move, – that the Finnish education system, which is considered one of the best. Son went to the Russian-Finnish garden, now he is in school, Russian-Finnish class. Adapted easy: in them was a group of about 10 people for three educators and teachers “kindergartners”. I went with pleasure, taught there during the game and communicate Finnish. Now talking already spoken Finnish.

In school, we bought a backpack and pencil case – all the rest give. Free food, buffet style with a choice of two or three dishes. Travel, theatre, swimming pool – also free. Now here we are in St. Petersburg, the school organized a trip. For a child everything is free, but a parent accompanying himself pays.

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