Cover girl: 5 naked Siberian girls are fighting for the right to get on the pages of MAXIM

Violetta Emelyanova
23, model

Девушки с обложки: 5 обнажённых сибирячек борются за право попасть на страницы MAXIM

1. How about the candid photo shoots? “You say so quietly, I love boudoir photography and add these photos [in his page in the social network]. Being a model for me as a hobby in most cases, because our local girls cheapened this work, often agree to shooting free… My parents are too neutral, and the opinion of other people I neglected. In fact, I even are not serious about this competition, signed up without thinking. Didn’t know that someone will pay attention to it”.

2. How to meet you? “The guy I have. To experience a girl like I, can’t advise. Here I’m powerless – it all depends on situations, most importantly, be confident in yourself.”

3. Whether for its beauty in life? “That’s the beauty helps with everything. For example, when looking for a job primary, not model; placed in a resume photo, so often invited to interview”.

Anastasia Serebryansk
33 years old, businesswoman

1. How about the candid photo shoots? “Those pictures I sent to the contest – they have for me, Frank. But now I compare myself with other participants, and I have a feeling that I just smoke on the sidelines. I once offered to participate in valuerational the photo shoot that was nothing to be seen. But I think in the future they would have prevented me, and I didn’t want my parents then such photos are seen. I think “Miss MAXIM” it’s not worth it to put straight on. And if all are met, is the line between vulgarity and erotica, why not”.

2. How to meet you? “I have a high criteria, I’m hard to please. Need to make love elementary. Now people have forgotten how to care in principle. It is necessary that the man was interesting, that was with ambition, that was not boring – need a defender and stronger than me. With that complexity. Take initiative, at least, mainly because I exhibit a – I the hyperactivity of childhood.”

3. Whether for its beauty in life? “The girl is like a competition: if you can show their femininity so that you have treated. But I think these are toys that are up to 30 work, and then somehow not very much, then you have to pay for itself. I like something planted in the middle of the night, it was on the track. I had to change into a skirt and worn heels that someone stopped. And so no one stayed. In such cases it helps”.

Victoria Kovtunovych
26 years old, model

1. How about the candid photo shoots? “I do not see anything in this. Parents and friends also this relaxed attitude. XXI century – this no longer surprise anyone, so this is the norm in our time, for better or worse”.

2. How to meet you? “I don’t know, honestly. I basically don’t know, somehow not up to it or something, now. Stupid tackles? They are almost every day so I have to it immunity. They are all the same: from “son-in-law mother”, “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” to “Let me pay for the meeting”. There was one romantic, it is every day my car threw roses. Came to work, my car always stood outside the territory (I worked in “Rosneft”), and when I approached the car – always it was something, it was nice. But he’s not my man, not hooked”.

3. Whether for its beauty in life? “No, I always help analytical mind and charisma, and beauty is secondary. Consider it a humiliation to ask something. I think the most important thing is to nourish your inner world with beauty, as if the person is beautiful inside he will be beautiful outside”.

Anastasia Malyutina
22, a student at the ngma

1. How about the candid photo shoots? “Depends on how naked the pictures. In General, the nu I’m not a supporter, but if pictures of people naked, but covered, it is, I believe, sexy and beautiful.”

2. How to meet you? “I have a boyfriend, we were friends long ago introduced, before this competition, of course. But the important thing is to get to know it, I believe you need to have a neat appearance, properly speaking, intelligence, ability to apply themselves. Nothing supernatural is not necessary if the person itself looks nice.”

3. Whether for its beauty in life? “To charge for personal gain – of course not. Happened, except that beverages treated”.

Svetlana Shishkina
26 years, specialist Contracting

1. How about the candid photo shoots? “I didn’t think on this subject and participation in this competition for me was, rather than spontaneous. I can’t Express its attitude to this. I, of course, love photography, love to look beautiful and, oddly enough, I like to look at beautiful girls and women. I guess I’m not a supporter [of candid photo shoots], I can’t say to what degree of openness I would be ready to carry out a photo shoot for a large number of people. But that picture, which is presented in the framework of the competition, I think for me it is within acceptable”.

2. How to meet you? “I’m always open to Dating, for communication. But if you mean, what attracts me in a man, then, of course, is the intelligence, creativity and sense of humor. These are the basic things that I would like to see in your future companion. I believe that the first step should be from men, but it is a step – can’t say I think it’s all in the energy level happens when people see each other and realize that something here could emerge. While I have no one. Probably not have met the man near to which I would like to live life. I am a romantic and an idealist”.

3. Whether for its beauty in life? “This actually happens everyday. The woman, probably, should enjoy its beauty and smile, as though it may sound materialistic, but only in order to carry kindness, fun and good mood”.

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  • Victoria Kovtunovych
  • Anastasia Malyutina
  • Svetlana Shishkina

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The voting will last till may 18 on the website of the competition. On its outcome will choose the 100 most beautiful girls, from which the editors will choose the top 10, and of them the best, which will grace the cover of the September issue of the magazine.

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