Where is the road?: crazy stick

Start producing the latest technology in Novosibirsk repair of cracks and joints. “This is how repairing the railway platform! Seal gaps with birch branches”, – surprised the witnesses.

“Photo stupid repair sidewalk ill-fated road of 25 years of October, on which NHS wrote this year several times. Finally “repaired”!”, – according to our reader Oksana.

“The stretch of road on the street Great in the direction of the city is fenced because of a failed pavement. Every morning to get into the city, all have to pass the section on the broken roadside, catching and tearing off the bumper, smashing their cars, and even being stuck in traffic for over an hour. Someone will respond to real problems in the city?” – asks a simple question of the reader Tatyana.

“It looks like a travel from house 2 Ob, 69 for many years. On appeal to the Oktyabrsky district administration received answer in terms of repair until 2020 does not appear,” – writes Sergey.

“Moving in the direction of Kalinin square along the street Dusi Kovalchuk has damaged both wheels in a huge and deep hole left by the road services without fences and attention. Besides me, the wheels struck several more vehicles. Disgrace” – complains on my problem Lyudmila.

“Here is laid the asphalt at the intersection Vokzalnaya Magistral – Soviet, at that time it was raining. How long then these patches? Again next spring all will go with the asphalt?” – saw the disorder the reader Vyacheslav.

Laying asphalt in the water – a phenomenon in Novosibirsk mass. An example of Krasnoobsk.

The failure of the sidewalk at the post office still eliminated. “That will be fine. Repaired the failure in the Central district on the street of the Soviet”, – reported to us by eyewitnesses.

Another sketch from the center. Vokzal’naya Magistral’, the sidewalk is in terrible condition. What can we say about the suburbs.

“I beg to draw Your attention to the condition of the street Industrial. Road with very high traffic. Asphalt has almost none. Constant traffic jams and congestion. Road services do not respond to our requests,” – complains of the indifference of the authorities Irina.

Another completely destroyed the road in the centre of Novosibirsk, ulitsa Koltsova, Central district.

Well another failure on the Bolshevik. “That year changed the pipes and put here’s the asphalt,” – says the locals.

Attention, we have a new topic “Where is the road?”. Send to news@ngs.ru photos with the huge holes, running the streets with stupid road repair, with broken sidewalks and the curious implications of the work of road workers.

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