Gilding room

NGS have already told the story of a Siberian Alla Short, which is trying to translate a legal entity in itself, a telephone number, which she enjoyed for 12 years. The security service of MTS mobile company carried out the inspection, then the phone Alla blockedbecause the signature in the statement of Alla and her passport did not match. Siberian thinks she so want to just take beautiful phone number VIP 8-913-911-XX-yy.

In a press-service of the Novosibirsk MTS explained that the rooms of category VIP cost 15 000 rubles while “Gold” and “Platinum”, which are simpler, are estimated at 1,500 and 5,000 rubles, respectively. However, in MTS there is still room “Prestige” and “Premium” for 20 000 and 25 000 rubles.

Tatiana, a former owner of a beautiful telephone numbers, in which, after the first three digits of the mobile operator were only seven, said that he got this number from friends who used them and then returned to the owners.

According to Tatyana, her friends later sold this number about 400 thousand rubles.

“The machines are the same: some want a cool room. But I honestly don’t understand people who are chasing these numbers. I think the majors are committed to it,” said the former owner of a phone number sevens. Incidentally, Tatyana phone number with five fours at the end, but it has got to, as she says, totally free and only need for easy memorization.

License plates Novosibirsk really buy willingly. In 2017, about the readiness to officially sell beautiful combination of letters and numbers stated in the traffic police. As extensively reported by the portal NGS.CARin the local hierarchy, the “thieves” are a series of identical letters (OOO) and the first ten numbers 001-020. Just “beautiful” is 222, 777, etc. There is still a “mirror” – 070, 575, 909, etc. the Resale of these rooms are actively engaged in the so-called outbid.

The owner Dimitri two years ago, got a beautiful room 090 for a bottle of cheap brandy. “It’s nice when the numbers in the room are symmetrical. Such numbers are called “mirror”. Or they are called “Cheburashka”. This option is the most inexpensive among the beautiful rooms. But there are license plates that are sold for 100 thousand and more”, – explained Dmitry.

There are even special sites where for sale the best combination of numbers on the car number. On one of these sites, room 003 requested 100 thousand rubles, and 111 were cheaper – 80 thousand.

The 13 people are different: someone believes her happy, and someone is afraid

Businessman Andrew, who asked not to name his name, – the owner of the company working in sphere of trade in gas. In the 90-ies Andrew accidentally got car number three eights, and one of my acquaintances explained that the number 8 in Chinese is a symbol of wealth, and three eight – wealth three times more.

“I liked the idea. As business development I began to buy cars and arrange to install such facilities. Including trucks. <…> We had twelve cars and three eights [in the room]. But then the situation changed: the traffic police stopped to give [number], you can not have begged… And now there we have five or six such machines. Some were sold even during the crisis”, – told the correspondent NGS businessman.

His companion, also told Andrew, appeared indifferent to the beautiful rooms and cars, but loves the number 13.

So the office had several offices under one number – 13, but with different letters: a, b, C and so on.

According to psychotherapist and supervisor Igor Lyakh, with the so-called magic numbers man faces in early childhood, when he begins to study and understand. Gradually it moves into adulthood.

For some motorists of Novosibirsk 13 – unlucky number: tram number especially often gets in an accident

“Often the objects, for example the same car, the owners give in some degree a sacred meaning. So the “cool” number, which is read from a distance, not only to indicate the affiliation of the owner to a specific circle, but also to amplify this meaning. But there is a utilitarian value: <…> a while such numbers reduces the risk that you stopped by traffic policeman,” – said Igor Lyakh.

Some people, said Dr., a passion for the sacred meaning of numbers may escalate into neurosis.

“There was a man who suffered from the fact that he had a large numerological repetitions: he repeated so many things and spent a lot of time. For example, the door could have been shut down… We worked with him a lot. <…> At some point, after several meetings, he thanked me, out into the hallway and so squinting said: “Igor Vyacheslavovich, that’s all done, see the result, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that you have the eighth Cabinet?”. But later, will notice, he was good,” recalled an example from his own practice, Dr. Lyakh.

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