“I Park like a freak”: the Range Rover 001 – spoil our vocation

«Я паркуюсь как чудак»: Range Rover 001 - гадить наше призвание

Launches the Range Rover with the number 001, which could not fail to climb at least one wheel on the lawn. Then all this dirt the car will pull apart the asphalt.

“This parent seems to believe that the main thing – to pick up your child, no matter how his children bypass the bucket on the grass,” worried about kids reader Ilya.

“Interesting. Kotovsky, 29. Made his permanent Parking on the lawn. To not care that all the dirt on the road,” complains the reader Constantine.

“I often see this king of the road parked on the lawn on Michurina. But today it struck me particularly, not just standing on the lawn, and even on the footpath. Do not regret the 20 minutes of time waiting for that crank will appear, but no. Discussions did not work, can you at least think so”, – reader Sergey was ready to rush into battle.

“Domestic bucket was blocking pedestrians pass on Marx, 47/1, people have to jump,” – said Maxim.

“Novosibirsk, 26 – near the house Parking there is a deep pocket, but it is not for the owner of this car – it is a year-round puts the car exactly so,” say the locals.

“UAZ parked daily on the lawn between buildings 15 and 17 at Kurchatov, blocking passage to pedestrians. Although there are several nearby paid Parking and behind the house you can find a free place to Park the car. On the driver’s door says “city Hall, GUBO”. In oral comments, the driver reacts inappropriately – rude and rude,” the offended reader Anatoly.

Rough truck rough stood on the lawn. Harmony in Novosibirske.

“Calls directly to the Playground and even poured myself a gravel driveway. Fadeeva, 91”, – wire reader Oleg.

“In the courtyard outside of the Soviet eccentric politely left half of the pedestrian walkways, but half of the lawn was hushed up,” said Irina disorder.

New Dawn, 19. The mass extermination of grass.

Well, it’s Parking for people with disabilities. It certainly should not be disabled, and SUVs with beautiful rooms 999 and 444.

Attention, we have a new topic “Where is the road?”. Send to news@ngs.ru photos with the huge holes, running the streets with stupid road repair, with broken sidewalks and the curious implications of the work of road workers.

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Topic “I Park like a weirdo”. Send photos with incorrectly parked cars on news@ngs.ru – let’s save our city from avrahamov.

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