In the yard desyatietazhki flashed Toyota Mark II: fire spread to an adjacent car

In the Leninsky district of Novosibirsk on the morning of 10 may was on fire Toyota Mark II – the fire damaged parked next to the Corolla.

Пожар на улице Спортивной начался рано утром

a fire in the street Sports began early in the morning

The fire occurred near the house № 11/1 on the street Sports – witnesses spotted him at 5:06.

“At the time of arrival of fire protection from under the hood of the car brands Toyota Mark II was the smoke”, – told the correspondent of NGS in a press-service GU Ministry of emergency situations of the Novosibirsk region.

The Department said that firefighters arrived at 5:14. In three minutes they did open fire, and in 5:28 completely eliminated the fire. By this time the fire managed to damage the engine compartment “Toyota mark 2” square 1.5 square meters. Have parked next to the “Toyota Corolla” scorched wing, headlight and melted the wheel.

“No casualties,” – said in the MOE, adding that the cause of the fire is still set.


As the correspondent of NGS girlfriend of the owner of the burnt down “Toyota mark 2”, about the fire she found out after the car alarm went off, and the young man went to check what happened. By this time neighbors have had to call the fire Department.

The exact cause of the fire is still unknown – the owner of the car waiting for the experts that make the conclusion. He also posted ads on the porches of nearby houses to find witnesses who saw the moment of ignition.

The fire damaged not only Toyota Mark II, but standing next Corolla The cause of the fire is still unknown During a fire nobody has suffered I worked at a place fire protection

Last week in Berdsk on the move ignited Mazda3 with a woman and small child in the cabin – the driver managed to swerve into the Parking lot and save the baby and yourself.

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