Company fried shish kebabs on the lawn under the supervision of the fire

this handful of black coals between the poles of the former lawn of the campers had placed the grill

This afternoon a group of young people grilled kebabs near an apartment house on the street Planning. Told reader NGS, who made pictures from his window.

“It all started in the afternoon. In the area of lunch. Three called the fire Department who naturally came quickly. One firefighter out, looked, smoked, and then further roasted. <…> Located almost on the lawn, rolled cars. To cars there was a couple of meters. Fire watched, the handle said goodbye and left,” he described his observations of the resident of the house Maria.

As told by Maria a resident of the house, firefighters arrived and watched the hot kebabs and went

As explained by the correspondent of NGS to the regional emergency cooking food on the grill itself does not fall under the ban on open fires.

“Each case should be considered individually. But we do not recommend the use of barbecues. As to bringing to administrative responsibility, it is difficult: you have to understand that fire and rescue units that go on elimination of fires, they have no authority. And inspector of the state pournazeri so quickly, unfortunately, to respond can. <…> And here still is seen a lack of respect for other rights: I don’t want to breathe smoke, roasted meat, prevents noise and so on. Here you need to refer to the district,” – said the press service of the regional emergencies Ministry.

As said the resident of the house Maria, ironically, young people grilled kebabs almost on the same place where in April 2016, the company of friends celebrated the purchase of the machine. Then mark sat up until morning and make noise. Because of this, there was a conflict with residents, in which one of the festival was shot.

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