“Kruzak” half a million cheaper

As reported by NSAs in the management of Federal bailiff service in the Novosibirsk region, now in region police officers involved in the recovery 345 145 of fines for a total amount of 299 million rubles. Willful defaulters there are 2288, those people who are not paid for 10 or more penalties. The total amount they owe the government 28.6 million rubles, and they are at high risk to remain without a car.

“In respect of a single debtor (a natural person) 251 instituted enforcement proceedings for the recovery of administrative fines in the amount of 302 000 rubles. Among legal entities the largest amount of debt on administrative penalties is 600 000 rubles,” – give examples to record debts in a press-service UFSSP. However, this is not all debtors, some still managed to get to pay. In cases of 122 thousands of fines enforcement officers was able to return to the Treasury 97 million rubles.

The car of the driver-the debtor may be arrested if he did not pay the fines totaling more than 3000 rubles. After that, the bailiffs have the right to start the procedure of sale of the property, which they do with serious amounts of debt. A car comes up for auction, information about it goes to open access, and now to buy it can be anyone, often at very attractive prices.

According to the database of enforcement proceedings of the site of the Novosibirsk office of the Federal bailiff service, now in implementation in the region are more than 800 cars, which, however, was not only arrested for failure to pay traffic fines, but other types of debts. For example, we offer for sale a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 black, released in 2008 – the initial price 1 800 368 rubles. According to the service ad Auto.ru “Cruisers” of this age are about 1.7–1.9 million rubles, that is, the benefit actually reaches half a million rubles.

Budget “Solaris” 2013 release you can buy at auction for 425 000 rubles, although the resale prices of such machine exceeds 500 000 rubles. Another popular SUV Land Cruiser Prado 2009 release, it is available for 1 380 400 rubles. The market value of this model lies in the range of 1.6–1.8 million rubles.

Equally popular Toyota RAV4, released in 2005, is traded over 373 000rubles. Is this model at this age, according Auto.ru of the order of 600 000rubles on average. Another example: fresh “Korean” KIA Rio 2013 release sale for 391 000rubles. On the resale for these cars asking 500 and even 600 thousand.

However, it is worth considering that not all exhibited at the auction the car will be fully functional. Some are present in very poor trim, some have external defects. In addition, the initial price may increase in the bidding process, and then the attractiveness of the arrested car will come to naught. Nevertheless, hundreds of cars are still in the process of implementation, and the list will be updated.

Under the heading “Test drive with the reader” is invited motorists with their cars of any age. Write on e-mail auto-news@office.ngs.ru.

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