Lexus crashed into Subaru in Zaeltsovsky area

the Accident occurred at 16:50 at the intersection of Zhukovskogo and Yerevan

Today in the second half of the day in Zaeltsovsky area the collision between the Lexus RX300 and Subaru Impreza.

As reported by emergency commissioners Avtospas Novosibirsk, Lexus was moving from the North side of the street, turned left on Yerevan. In turn, Subaru moved from the Mochischenskogo highway towards North.

“When you turn, according to the driver of the Lexus, to turn red, I began to see the intersection, and Subaru jumped the red signal of the traffic light”, – reports Avtospas.

The driver of the Subaru did not agree with this interpretation of events.

“The driver of the Subaru claims that moved to green Lexus he left off when turning and never missed it” – quoted driver of emergency commissioners.

According to “Autospace”, none of the participants of the accident do not want to plead guilty.

Today Investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across Altay Krai reported on the results of a criminal investigation into a major accident on the highway “Chuysky trakt”. The dock went 58-year-old individual entrepreneur – organizer of bus transportation on the route “Moscow – Novosibirsk”.

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