The taxi car has faced with “Mazda” in the Oktyabrsky district

accident Participants are waiting for the inspectors of the traffic police three in the afternoon, according to emergency commissioners

This afternoon in a collision between the taxi cars Kia Rio and Mazda Premacy.

As reported by emergency commissioners Avtospas Novosibirsk, the car moved down the street a Bolshevik from “River station” in the direction of the Factory.

“Kia in the middle row, the Mazda is to the right of it. The collision occurred”, – reports Avtospas.

According to emergency commissioners, none of the drivers wants to admit his fault in the collision.

“<…> Waiting for the traffic police with 3 hours before this time and continue to wait,” – says Avtospas.

We will remind, today at the intersection of Koshurnikova and Frunze the driver of the BMW did not have time to slow down and arranged road accident with participation of three cars.

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