The house on the street in the centre of Novosibirsk will surround forests

the Sidewalk near the house on Lenin, 8 narrows to 2 meters

The mayoralty of Novosibirsk has planned a four-month renovation of the facade of the house at the intersection of Lenina and Sovetskaya streets – the sidewalk in this location will narrow to 2 feet.

The overhaul will do in the summer in the house on Sovetskaya, 35 Lenin, 8. In addition to the residential apartments here are situated bars “Area of St. Patrick”, “Open your mouth”, “canteen №1” and others.

“The estimated cost of works is 8.6 million rubles. Funds for repairs are paid from the Fund of capital repair of common property in an apartment house”, – told the correspondent of NGS in the Department of energy and housing and communal services of Novosibirsk.

The repair for 120 days. In may the government will choose the Contracting organization.

“For the organization of work on the perimeter of the building will be put up scaffolding, fenced by net,

pass on the sidewalk will be approximately 2 meters in width.

With the installation of scaffolding will be organized aisles in nonresidential premises from the streets of Lenin and the Soviet”, – added in Department.

It is expected that the building will repair the plaster on the walls, basement, plum, entrances, canopies, balcony slabs, railings, paint the facade, replacing the General window, will repair or replace if necessary the front door to metal.

The head of the Department of culture, sports and youth policy of the Anna Tereshkova said correspondent NGS that the repair is scheduled for early June.

Representatives of the bar “Area of St. Patrick”, which is located in this house, said that the repair does not affect the work of summer cafe with a bar.

In November 2017, the NHS published a map with the houses, which should make repairs in 2018. Got the addresses announced by the city hall of Novosibirsk, – in addition to the house at Lenina, 8 on the list was another 253 buildings.

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