Over the Tolmachevo airport noticed smoke

Photographer Sergey Dolgodvorov noticed that fall grass in the area Tolmachevo happens almost every year: this photo of 2016

Readers NGS reported smoke over the airport Tolmachevo. Confirmed this Tolmachevo, explaining that the grass caught fire during the scaring.

“When conducting ornithological events scare away birds from runways, there was a small fire in dry grass. The event was held under the control of the fire service and was almost immediately localized and extinguished. On safety and the operation of the airport it had no effect”, – told the correspondent NGS press Secretary of JSC “Airport Tolmachevo” Irina Shavshina and added that the skies over the airport and clean.

Smoke on the Tolmachevo airport, said the airport quickly dissipated and did not affect the operation of services

Due to the large number of seats of fire of a dry grass, as previously said in the MOE, in the Novosibirsk region introduced a special fire mode: prohibited the use of open flames and fires.

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