Novosibirets has won in a high-rise Elbrus race

Novosibirsk runner Maxim Kochergin won the X International competition in skyrunning Red Fox Elbrus Race – speed ascent of mount Elbrus.

Maxim Kochergin ahead of rivals on the descent and finished first. It trainer – leading athletics, MS skyrunning Elena Ruhljad finished second.

To get a good acclimatization, athletes came to the Elbrus region for three weeks before the starts.

Elena Rahlaga on the Western peak of Elbrus in height of 5642 meters

“The first day, may 6, ran the world’s highest vertical kilometer, part of this start of championship of Russia in skyrunning in the discipline of vertical kilometer, I fifth place went to Max seven. Through the day, 8 may, was a high-altitude marathon length distances – 14 km, altitude – 3200 metres to the finish line on the Western summit of mount Elbrus. And here no matter what, you’re a runner or just a strong athlete, and height all equal.

The day of the start, the weather turned bad, the judges decided to close the top, turning the participants into the saddle 5300 meters.

I’m not upset with this fact, because during acclimatization collecting on the summit we ascended. The whole race felt good, to work out some technical issues – and you can go for the gold” – shared with the correspondent NGS Elena Ruhljad.

Maxim Kochergin on the food item at the altitude of 5100 meters

According to Maxim Kochergin, skyrunning he’s a beginner. High-rise Elbrus race was his third start. Believes that his victory is a merit of coach Elena Ruhsdi.

“Above the hell’s going on’ Borus. Snowstorm, freezing cold, nothing is visible. All the trails brought. Had to be guided only by poles and a trail on the snow 15 inches deep. From 4700 meters rose storm and was Packed snow, stormy wind.

Visibility dropped to 40 meters. If not Veshki, we would have lost – sometimes just randomly walked down the slope. All the masks and ski goggles immediately covered with a thin layer of ice.

I can’t see dick so I shot glasses. <…> The descent was a very large gap with the other participants. The basic idea: really wanted to fall down from there. Because everyone instantly froze, my muscles became numb. Understand that if even a little bit staying here, will eventually freeze. A little bit to relax – and you can easily a foot in “cats” tuck into a deep-snow”, – said Maxim Kochergin.

In early April, during the race on the mountain Borus in Khakassia the weather didn’t spoil skyrunners – the wind almost blew runners from the slopes. Elena Ruhljad won this race.

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