Paid fake money Siberians sent to the colony of strict regime

In Novosibirsk ended the trial of two men who were paying in shops and restaurants pyatitysyachnyj fake bills.

“Five-thousandth passed, got yourself a drink more” – described criminal scheme the assistant Prosecutor of Leninsky district of Novosibirsk Vitaly Perov.

According to the Prosecutor, from the outset the defendants were three. But one of them died awaiting sentencing, and criminal case against him was stopped.

As follows from the case materials, the three friends were on the dock, as 3 through March 15, 2016 were calculated pyatitysyachnyj fake bills in stores and restaurants, including a McDonalds, “Russian pancakes”, KFC, New York Pizza, “Fork-Spoon”, ШашлыкоFF and other institutions. In total, according to the prosecution, the associates are paid fakes more than 70 thousand rubles.

“C, <…> knowing that the Bank tickets fake, <…> have similarities with the present in size shape, colour and major details, but differ from these quality paper, imitation watermarks and fiber protection”, – told the correspondent of NGS Vitaly Perov.

Buddies paid with counterfeit money in stores and restaurants

According to him, the police began to receive statements that in the back there were fake money, and the police began to search, who is paying them. To gather evidence helped the records from surveillance cameras, which provided victims.

In total, according to the prosecution, the men were paid fakes fourteen times, fifteen failed: while trying to give the cashier a fake one of the accomplices was caught. After his arrest, the man claimed that the bill they gave him at work, and his accomplices were not given. Their police have detained separately in a rented apartment on Parkhomenko. “According to the indictment, they specifically rented this apartment, there to keep a portion of these funds”, – said Vitaly Perov.

According to the materials of the case, during a search in the apartment the police found 45 counterfeit bills.

As said the Prosecutor, the guilt of the defendants not guilty. One of the suspects in a rented apartment, said that just came to visit and crime is not involved, but to prove his guilt helped record surveillance. The second detainee in the same apartment did not deny that paying pyatitysyachnyj bills. But, according to the man, he suspected that the money was fake. He also argued that a package of bills found on the street.

“Came out of the door, went to the garbage. Passing by the scene, he saw lying white package to the left of the stage, <… > rewound crosswise tape. This package caught his attention, he took it home. Print the package at home, he found five-thousandth bills. <…> The police a statement about the discovery did not go, because they do not have a permanent source of income, was in need of money” – gave the version of the defendant Vitaly Perov.

Thursday, may 3, the Leninsky district court of Novosibirsk recognised the two detainees in the apartment accomplices found guilty under part 3 of article 186 of the criminal code (possession for sale and sale of obviously counterfeit Bank notes of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, committed by an organized group). Both received sentences in strict regime colony. One man will spend 6 years and pay the state a fine – 12 450 rubles. The second defendant got 14 years in prison with a fine 39 722 of the ruble. As said Vitaly Perov, long-term detention linked to the fact that the court summarized sentence for forgery with a sentence for a murder for which a man was sentenced in December 2016.

The sentence of Lenin district court in force has not yet entered.

In February of this year, police also arrested a customer’s Burger, which he tried to pay for food souvenir bill from “Bank of tricks”. The incident happened in the institution “Burger time” on the street Frunze.

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