Passengers of the train were evacuated due to a forgotten package

the Train was examined by the handlers

By 30 April of the Sower evacuated the passengers trains – the police received a report of suspicious object.

According to information in social networks, there were police officers and engineers.

“Nothing serious happened. Just lay a package, the staff support transferred the passengers to another carriage then brought them to the station. The dog inspected the package, found nothing dangerous, and has launched a passengers back. The bag was just clothes, personal hygiene items, which are not dangerous”, – told the correspondent of NGS in a press-management service on transport of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia on SFO.

According to police, the delay the train was about 10 minutes.

After the publication in the press service of the ZSZHD reported that the incident occurred at 15:00 on the train, EN route No. 6612 Novosibirsk – Cherepanovo.

“Station security has been audited by subject, which revealed no hazardous components. Passengers stopped the train continued to move along the route alternative modes of transport, as well as the following suburban train. On the movement of other commuter and passenger trains, the incident did not affect”, – said the press service of the ZSZHD.

Last week at the station Novosibirsk-Yuzhno evacuated the passengers trains – the police reported a suspicious box, which turned out to be kittens.

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