Pitch dark

When in 2014 toning “was declared the fight” and violators were threatened with the withdrawal of the offer, the city is quite quickly cleared from the darkened cars. But then extreme measures cancelled, the drivers were relaxed, and appeared on the market plenty of available tinting options, including quick-detachable and reusable. For example, this Hyundai Sonata front doors fitted some removable curtains that leave a small opening for looking into the rear view mirror.

The driver of “Opel” stuck all existing window openings are very dark film – looks really nice. Meanwhile, we will remind, according to the specifications of the light transmission side Windows must be at least 75%, and the windshield – at least 70%.

Now meet tightly toned car a matter of minutes, somebody will eventually fall into the stream. Powerful black Audi on Lenin square.

Films stick with not necessarily expensive cars. Many car owners tinted and simple machines, such as this “Mazda Capella”.

In most cases, the blackout are all the same only the side of the glass, but there are fans close and the windshield, so nothing could be seen. As, for example, this “Toyota Camry” on the street Deputy.

Black with red is a good combination on the Mazda 3. According to the data of regional management of traffic police, from the beginning of 2018, the inspectors were fined 3661 violator of the rules of toning.

Хоть глаза выколи

And for all of 2017 with toning got 14 624 people. It’s a pretty big army, and how many more were undetected vehicles. Another modest “Mazda” on Sovetskaya street.

As they say in the Department of propaganda UGIBDD, each police has a device for measuring the light transmission in the glass and, of course, if the inspectors see a darkened car, they fulfill it. But cars and crews smaller, fully traffic flow is now not cover. This Mitsubishi Lancer black all over from tinting and dirt.

The current penalty for violation – 500 rubles – for the motorist, the more expensive the car, is very little money. When paying with a discount for 20 days get all 250. Clean Lexus LX in dark tint looks spectacular.

Another Lexus, is also all black, a spectacular. The inspectors, of course, may be asked to remove film on the spot, but the driver has the right to refuse. Often argue, for example, the fact that a film can technically be removed only in conditions HUNDRED. In such cases, as noted in the traffic police, the driver is given the instruction with the requirement to appear after 10 days to check – if he eliminated the violation.

“If the driver did not come to check, the vehicle’s registration is terminated, he is declared wanted. The certificate of registration and state license numbers that were revoked, the driver is obliged to pass. For some offenders it is a surprise, because then we need to re-restore the car, pay the duty” – tell of the subtleties of the punishment in the traffic police. Since the beginning of 2018 such drastic measures to end the check was subjected to about a dozen car owners. Toyota Kluger – no bumper, but the tinted glass is, this is important.

Ford Focus tinted, but dirty, like most of us got similar machines. Termination of registration – of course, an extreme measure. The majority of drivers prefer not to tempt fate and removes the film on the spot. Especially that now there are various types of removable reusable silicone film – it can be removed or glued in just a minute. However, such attitudes, it seems, will soon come to an end. Deputies of the state Duma in spring session will consider a bill to raise fines for violation of the rules of toning. Instead of 500 rubles will be fined 1,500 rubles, and in the case of repeated violations within a year – and all of 5000 rubles.

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