Novosibirsk hundreds of truckers gathered for a rally due to problems with electricity

the Meeting was held in Akademgorodok in the district “U”

Today, April 29, the owners of summer cottages in SNT “Temp” and “Sail” in the Soviet district of Novosibirsk gathered for a rally in the district “U” to draw public attention to their problems with electricity.

The rally was organized by the Chairman of SNT Temp Tatiana Biryukova and Chairman of SNT Parus Olga krestinina.

As explained by the correspondent NGS Tatiana Biryukova, her and the others gathered gardeners do not like the fact that the house in “Pace”, “Sail” and three horticultural associations connected to the transforming substation, which is located at a distance of several kilometers in the neighborhood “Gateway”. According to Tatiana Biryukova, to change the attachment point for vacationers require for several reasons. First of all, because of the transmission line, which stretches from the substation, need reconstruction: directly under the power line built country house, and this threatens people’s lives.

The protest was attended by hundreds of vacationers

As said Tatiana Biryukova, the reconstruction of the line may cost the cottagers in millions of rubles, and to execute it technically difficult. “Mad money necessary to bring a line to the mind, as necessary for the Supervision. We have not mastered in any way – either physically or financially,” – said Tatiana Biryukova.

Chairman of the CHT Temp believes that the cottagers would be more profitable to cease to use the services of FGUP “Management of energy and water” and join the private networks of the company – JSC “RES”, which are much closer. Gardeners even collected documents, but the “RES” in accession they refused.

In addition, said Tatiana Biryukova, the cottagers do not have the capacity of the old line. “So as the power, we were issued forty years ago. <… > now we have other needs”, – said the Chairman of the garden Association.

According to her, the light in SNT “Temp” not since autumn, when the transformer substation of the accident. After some of the summer residents tried to illegally connect electricity, but on 20 April the substation sealed by the bailiffs. “Now nobody ever will go, until the line is all ready”, – concluded Tatiana Biryukova.

As said the Chairman of the SNT Parus Olga krestinina, just today’s rally was attended by about a hundred gardeners.

Gardeners need to be connected to the network of another company Truckers are not satisfied with the remoteness of the transformer substation and the status of the lines

NGS has previously talked about how in Novosibirsk summer residents decided to work together to build a dam on the shore of the Ob – it may save from sinking about 10 thousand garden plots in the Soviet and Pervomaisk areas.

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