The authorities will carry children’s village top model Natalia Vodianova

Playground “Boat” on the North-Camscom closed about a month ago. The sign on the fence explains to visitorsthat soon all slides will be demolished, and when “solved the issue of funding,” this place will deliver a new children’s center called “Laguna”.

Residents of the North-Chemskogo, lead, and even bring their children here, wonder and write letters to the Fund “Naked heart” for the grant which this complex was opened in 2008. But to save the town from demolition, the Fund cannot, as “Ship” was handed over in 2015.

Playground complex “Boat” on the North-Camscom community

Now the complex is on the balance of the “Center for Youth”. Its Director Olga Karenina NGS explained that “Boat” closed by order of the Prosecutor’s office. This is due to the fact that the site operated for 10 years, “and the use of our forms is a danger to residents.” The new construction will cost about 2 million rubles.

“The ship” works since 2008, the complex opened with the support of the Foundation “Naked hearts”

“Just pathetic. We in the North-Chemskoy people came from other areas especially in cars with children – told the NGS resident of North Chemskogo Nina N. – There’s really only a ship to repair a bit of the pipe. Swing me, maybe a couple of years ago. The holes on the boat the kids broke were sealed with plastic. That is, the renovation was in 2014. I think, even then still some small repairs. Anything there such is no crime to remove completely this huge complex.”

Place the “Boat” I want to put a new Playground complex

That complex was repaired and the girl confirmed that the Fund “Naked heart”, where she wrote a written request. “The fact of the transfer of ownership was carried out in order to

of a city administration of Novosibirsk was easier to care for and repair our game object. Unfortunately, what is happening now, we can not influence – confirmed by NGS in the Fund “Naked heart”. In the same year we completed a renovation of the facility. Among the replacement elements: the cap on the pole, swing with rubber seat, the rope from the crossbar, five segments slides, 26 bars”.

Correspondents NGS went to the North-Chemskoy and looked as it now looks like the famous “Ship”, the opening of which in Novosibirsk came top international fashion model Natalia Vodianova. Any visible defects, for example, slides were broken or sticking sharp pieces of plastic, no. That noticeable – worn soft cover, through which already sprouted grass, slightly sagging steps and oblessa paint with painted gnomes; some swing “wrapped”. Slide down the slides and walk through the steps from correspondents did not work – now on the “Boat” you can only look through the iron bars.

Yard on street Komsomol

What will appear in his place for 2 million rubles, it is not yet clear. Now the “Boat” looks just like an ordinary gaming systems installed in Novosibirsk yards, only more square.

The swing in the yard on Komsomolskaya

By the way, if you look at the nearby “Boat” yard, you can find the same slides and swings, which also would not hurt to clean – for example, to remove a crack in the seat of the swing. Some of the swings, by the way, there are only base – turned horizontal bar.

In some courts children’s facilities also fell into disrepair, but continue to work

From a dozen yards in different parts of the city correspondents NGS has no completely new sites – all get the mix of new and old slides. For the experienced roller coaster set still six digit phone number of the manufacturer.

That roller coaster is still a six-digit manufacturer number

There were courtyards are still alive a friend of Soviet children “rainbow”, which, however, was quite short and apparently so harmless, the iron rides seem invincible.

The iron “rainbow” from the Soviet time

As well as the grille with the round inserts, which is painless will be the head of any child, or even who has sat down to rest in the yard of an adult.

In one of the yards in the area of marks

In this same series, “balloon” or “spider” – a recognizable attribute in yards 30 years ago.

In the yard near the Planned

But all is not so bleak. Despite the elderly zhelezyachki, in most of the yards are good slides with bright red roofs and yellow walls. Sometimes in the courts is even shock-proof coating that the children were not so painfully to fall. This courtyard was the house of the mayor Anatoly Elbow on Galushka.

The yard on Galushka

Unfortunately, even good coverage does not always save children from injury. Summer children injured on playgrounds, bring almost every day, said the chief doctor of the children’s hospital ambulance Rostislav zablocki. Children fall from ladders, slides, ropes, and even when supervised by parents. “Basically it is compression fractures of the spine – the fall from the hills. Fractures of the upper extremities, forearm, as a rule, fractures of the tibia, injury of the ankle joint”, he listed a list of the most common injuries.

Ladders of this design made of ordinary pipe – yard in the district Station railway

By the way, from the yard of fun for adults there are not only shops. In 2016, the opening of a Playground with equipment for Novosibirsk was an event. Now the free gym under the open sky blends harmoniously in the most common courtyards of high-rise buildings.

Outdoor fitness equipment in one of the yards Central district

There is even a Playground for thrill-seekers – for example, in one of the yards in the area of Karl Marx have built a set for fans of parkour.

Playground for parkour on the left Bank

Assumptions about what will be the new platform in place, “Ship”, the residents of the neighborhood share in social networks. Most are preparing for the usual wooden small complex that is in most yards. In the past year, the courtyards, the city received 200 million rubles – the inhabitants of the households that were in the program, admitted that they lack most of the Parking lots.

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